Still suffering from the illness of Christianity

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Sent in by Windwiss

I have been a regular visitor of this site for a few years and find it entertaining and also helpful in combating the illness that once possessed me.

The illness in question is Christianity.

I used to be an atheist, but somehow went into pentecostal Christianity. I used to be a devoted Christian, wasted a few years on it, and am now thankful to be out of it. Bible-God supposedly gives "tongues" or the Holy Spirit to whoever asks for it, and yet most of those Christians are not particularly successful in life. I tried to find the mysteries of life in the Bible but could not. Neither does the bible answer why sinners seem to prosper.

The bible is unambiguous about how one gets "saved." One gets saved by acts ? or faith? or both? I asked the Christians (some of them were quite helpful and nice by the way), but they could not give a clear answer. They said you have to pray deeply, or read the bible with the help of spirit, or god's mysteries are not for man to uncover, or you just have to believe.

Frustration mounted and I started to read bible from back to cover -- first the New Testament. The first thing that struck me was that the genealogy of Jesus was not the same in the different gospels and there is a fatal flaw in Christian theology itself. If Jesus has a human father leading back to David, as suggested by the lineages, He cannot be a son of God!

I cannot believe my shock and surprise and as I researched more and more (thanks to sites such as this one) and found the truth. THE truth.

I am an atheist again. But I am angry of being ripped off. I wasted money
in the form of tithes, etc., and not to mention wasted time. The guilt
of being cheated is there and I don't know how to handle the ghosts from the Christian past when they haunt me from time to time. It happened nearly a decade ago. At least I don't have a religion anymore and don't have to worry about hell or heaven.

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