My EXPERIENCE prevents me...

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Sent in by Sergio

My personal journey of de-conversion can be viewed in a similar light as a story of an addict. One day you feel great and have no fear of hell and the need to tell others about it, but the other day you wake up and feel like Christ is real, what you have experienced is true, and Christianity is the way.

This website and numerous books have been able to show me the logical reasons against Christianity, but since I've been attending a Pentecostal church, my EXPERIENCE prevents me from truly leaving my faith behind.

So I have a question to this community with a hope of finding some answers.

If you've been ever exposed to people prophesying over you, hearing words of wisdom or knowledge (when a person can see something in your life, kind of like a psychic), and other supernatural testimonies and stories how do you go about your life, not believing that there is some kind of supernatural power in Christ.

Also, when I was shaky in my faith, I had an experience of visiting a friend of mine, who at the time wasn't home, but his mom was. She didn't know what was going on in my life, but kind of ended up telling me how following God is great, adventurous, and the only true life. She didn't know herself why she ended up sharing that with me, but being a Pentecostal, I felt that maybe God was trying to get my attention through her.

These issues are almost the only ones that don't allow me to truly let go and forget about my faith. Has anyone experienced anything of that sort, any kind of "Spiritual" moment that seemed so real as if God Himself was speaking to you through a person, who had no idea what is going on in your life, but somehow it all fits perfectly and makes absolute sense?

Need some advice!

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