People are the same everywhere you go

sent in by Rob

My life has been fucked up since I was teen. It's all good though because I've got great friends and family that have helped me all my life. Molested by a female music teacher at 12, parents divorced when I was like 13, mom was institutionalized for manic depression at least 15, 16 times before they could find suitable medication for her when I was fifteen through nineteen. (I suck at remembering what happened when, to much pot)

I would go to school and try to cut everyone up and get attention there. I became the class clown, of every class. I always needed attention, and I always got it.

There was this one english class I had in high school that changed my life. I had always been told I was evil by various religious people and I thought to myself "No I'm not".
It happened enough times that I started reading the Bible and preparing myself to fight should it ever happen again. One english class can change your life.

There would be days when I'd come to school in the afternoon because in the morning I'd have to call the cops on my mom to drag her off to the looney bin. Then I'd go back to school and get told that I was worthless because I never worshiped some dude named Jesus. As soon as my teacher left, the fight would begin. At first, I took all my aggression out on him by ridicule. It worked, but then I felt sorry for him because he looked like such a moron. I understood even back then, tha

City: weyburn
State: sask
Country: canada
Became a Christian: 22
Ceased being a Christian: 24, 25
Labels before: free methodice
Labels now: agnostic
Why I joined: looking for love in all the wrong places
Why I left: I hate lies
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