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sent in by Benjamin Thomas

I was raised in a Christian family, went to a christian school, and was well educated in biblical tenet. I just have some questions that were never answered in church or school. If there are so many beliefs in the world, why is Christianity the only one you believe is true? A good number of them have been around longer than it has been.

Another question I have is; If God has already set our plan in motion, doesn't that eliminate free-will, if what we do is his divine plan anyways? If the plan is already in motion, why do we pray to God, considering that he already has decided the outcome, regardless of the prayer? It just seems kind of silly from a perspective that isn't blinded by the light.

Our God isn't the author of confusion, but what about the tower of babel? The bible is also very repetitive and cryptic at times, and most christians haven't taken the time to read the whole thing. I finally got around to reading the whole thing after my faith was extinguished, and the funny thing was, I was never really encouraged to read it front to back when I was in christian school or church. Anyways, I wanted to let some true believers know that I have full respect for their beliefs, but believing goes beyond the realm of science, into superstition, and things we can't percieve or feel are to be revered.

What it boils down to is fear of dying, and your faith allows feelings and emotions one carries in this lifetime transcention to the next dimension. I can't help but question a belief system that encourages it's followers to ignore everything that defies their stance, and not to question what they believe. Humans are born to question, and it helps make us improve throughout time.

When we are told to not question, it defies human nature, and slows our progress. If a believer has a true air of confidence in his beliefs, then probing into areas that defy his faith should bolster that position, and solidify his foundation in christianity. If christianity is infallible, scrutiny should be quite easily discarded. Since one of the fundamental beliefs of a christian is to not pay attention to anything of the "world", that is, not christian-based, it raises my concern that if the system was the only truth, it should have no concern as to what opposes it. What I mean here is that if Jesus knew that he was the son of God, and belief in him was the key to everlasting life, he should've welcomed criticism due to the fact that the belief system is irrerrant.

Instead, the bible clearly states that NO one should be allowed to live that believes in something different then what it says. Why are Christians so accepting of the miracles of the bible, yet anything outside of the bible that's even remotely supernatural is ruled mythical. The ancient world is jammed full of mythical storytelling, and the bible is the only one that is inerrant? It's all kind of strange when you look at the big picture.

If you believe in angels and demons, why are hydras and cyclops considered so absurd? It's like you stretch your imagination immensely to fit the biblical view, but restrain it in everything else you believe. The christian belief system just doesn't make any sense. I hope someone has the time to read this, as it took some time to write.

All the best,

Benjamin Thomas

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