Flying Zombie Jews don't impress me anymore!!!

sent in by Brett Keane

The first time I questioned the faith was when my grandmother shrivaled up in front of me for 6 month’s due to cancer. I was 13 & my mother & father was getting a divorce. My father told me i should have been aborted. I prayed to God but nothing fails like prayers. I continued going to church mostly because i felt i could help people with food. My desire was to help people in need. I was put out of a church because i argued with the preacher about giving food to a woman with 5 kids. He said she had been in 3 weeks ago & policy was people had to wait a month before returning. I ask him if this was god’s policy. He told me to get the hell out! My best friend tried to convince me to stay in the faith but 2 month’s later he was hit by a drunk driver. He was killed leaving behind a wife who was pregnant. He never seen his child. The love of god is so great.

I started writing books,designing websites,& music. 3 years ago my mother was sick from cancer & prayed to god to end her suffering. God did not come through so she killed herself. I spent 6 month’s in a children’s hospital watching over my sick baby. During this time i seen no faith healers. What i did see what babies dying & know Jesus or wonderful gospel music.

Now i will explain what i seen in church besides the pers. Stuff.I have witnessed Christians lie their ass off. I have seen them steal from one another. Most of them i have met are uneducated & brainwashed. I have researched & found no Jesus. Jesus is no more real that peter pan. I was christian for more than 15 years & never seen nor heard God. I have only observed the crap these people sell to children. It makes me sick how they push their shit on everyone & if the person does not bow they will defame that person. I have been on both sides. These people are like the borg off star trek.Christianity is a disease.Education is the cure.

Rest in peace Religion,

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City: Festus
State: MO
Country: USA
Became a Christian: 6
Ceased being a Christian: 23
Labels before: Baptist, Catholic, & many more
Labels now: Reality based Atheist
Why I joined: Raised into it.
Why I left: Religion is dead & Jesus is no more real than Harry Potter
Email Address: brett_keane at yahoo dot com

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