Author of Confusion

sent in by Lee A. Watters

In retrospect there were many things that led to my deconversion, however, I would have to say the main thing is Biblical Contridiction.

When one really studies the "word of God", you have to conclude, on a literal interpretation, that it just doesn't work. Now, from a non-literal view, the Bible becomes a much more useful tool, more in the line of philosophy.

Scripture says that God does not change, that he is the same yesterday, today and forever. If that is true, why is there a new testament? Wouldn't a perfect God have created an eternal contract with mankind, and why was a contract even necessary if we were supposedly created in perfection (sinless) and wouldn't have sinned in the first place.

Having place Christianity in the Myth column, I wonder what was the original intend of scripture? I have my ideas...

Now, how do I keep my enlightenment from a family, especially my parents, who's faith and hope are in the eternal salvation they so strongly beleive?

Song..."When the Truth has found, to be lies, and all the joy within you dies... don't you need somebody to love" Well, we have each other. All of human race and we should start depending and helping each other, not relying on religion.

Thanks for the web-site and a chance to declare my de-conversion.

Sex: Male
City: Lewisville
State: TX
Country: USA
Became a Christian: Since infant baptism.
Ceased being a Christian: 41
Labels before: Lutheran, Pentacostal, Baptist, Non-denominational
Labels now: Naturalist: Creation and laws of the physical universe
Why I joined: Grew up in a Christian home, no reason to question the authority.
Why I left: Any serious Bible student has to deconvert, it's the only logical conclusion.
Email Address: lawatters at msn dot com

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