No longer mormon

sent in by Michelle Pederson

I joined the mormon church to make my hubby and his family happy but I was miserable. So I stopped going or having anything to do with it. My husband, for a few months now, is finally getting that the church is full of bullshit and not true. So we sent a letter to member records in Utah to have our names removed from the records, so it will be like we were never apart of it. Thank goodness!! :)

He's also writing a book about all his expeirences growing up in it and the things that go on in the temple. He's hoping to get it published and if his family found out what he was doing he would be disowned and they would not talk to him again, which to me wouldn't be a bad thing. :)

All of his family live in Utah, except for a brother that's in AZ and another brother that's in NC. He hardly ever hears from any of them and when he told them that he was leaving the church and that he didn't believe in it anymore they told him to pray about it and that it was my fault. I didn't make him or convince him to do a damn thing.

We've just been discussing religion and stuff with our friends and hecame to it on his own but at least here in FL he has the support group behind him to support him. Well that is all. Hope everyone has a good day! :)


City: St. Augustine
State: FL
Country: USA
Became a Christian: young
Ceased being a Christian: about 25
Labels before: just the mormon church
Labels now: agnostic, almost atheist
Why I joined: family
Why I left: it's a bunch of bullshit
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