I Feel I've Been "Churched" Enough!!

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I am so glad that I found your website. After being away from church and from God for eight months, I feel free. I mean, why should I spend the rest of my life serving a God that doesn't even exist? All this talk about "have faith", "God has a plan and a purpose", and "In my house, we will serve the Lord" is nothing but a CROCK OF SHIT! I can't believe I wasted 11 years of my life as well as wasting money buying Christian materials, thinking that this was going to help me become a better person. Boy was I wrong!

Where do I start? Growing up, I went to a Catholic school where I was to go to church on Friday mornings at 7:30 before classes started at 8:30; had my first communion in the third grade and had to go to confession (that really sucked). I went to mass from kindergarten all the way to eighth grade.

From high school to college, I never went to church for a long time. As long as I was a good person who never hurt or harmed anyone else, then this whole church/God didn't matter. You could say I had a pretty good childhood.

Fast forward 1995 - My parents never attended church (mom is Baptist; dad is Methodist - I don't know when the last time dad went to church)but one day, Mom told me that she was going to make me go to church (because I had self-esteem and motivational issues) and I told her that I don't need Jesus in my life and she did not like that. Later on, she went to a missionary baptist church and eventually joined. I went a couple of times, but never joined until two years later.

For a long time, my life was pretty good. I went to New Members classes, vacation bible school, Sunday School, attended Sunday and Wednesday services, and even participated in the newsletter ministry.

Fast forward today: When I graduated from college with a Bachelor's Degree in Business in 2007, things really started to change. I made many new friends who were non-Christians as well as gays and lesbians through MySpace and I also went to my first Gay Pride Parade in Chicago last June. I had a great time and I'm making plans for next year's Pride Parade. I know the Bible says that homosexuality is wrong, but in my honest opinion, I don't give a rat's ass about it. Life is way too short to be judging anyone and I accept everyone for who they are. I even love listening to non-Christian music such as dance music, hip-hop. All this time, Mom warned me to stay away from the bad things and conform to the Christian lifestyle--guess what?! I'm done with this "godly image" and I am learning to enjoy life without God or religion. I am also learning how to be more open-minded in new experiences and in new situations. Isn't life grand?!!!

I already threw out every Christian books and music CDs because I was not going to spend the rest of my life conformed to all of this "Christianity" bullshit! I have finally come to realize what church is really all about: pushing people into becoming Christian robots for the rest of their natural lives and not learning to think or feel for themselves. Whenever I see Christian programs on televisions, I start laughing because all of these crazy people are being brainwashed into all of this religious bullshit! People claim that Jesus is coming back and He will "save" them from destruction! What a joke!

Now I am almost 43 years old and I am promising myself not to fall for all of this Christianity garbage. If my mother thinks that I need to get back in church, she is in for a big surprise: it will never happen. I feel so much better about myself now and I can get a chance to sleep in on Sundays!! :)

Whoever reads my rant - thanks!!!

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