Each of us has a path in life

By Christian B

Hello, I have been with this website a long time now and I feel now is the time to introduce myself and my beliefs. My Name is Christian, I am from the United Kingdom and I am 27 years old. I am a Unitarian along with what I would consider my own 'unique' beliefs, and I believe that this is my 'path' in this lifetime.

Why do so many of us, including me, start off as Christians, then suddenly or over a course of many years find ourselves outgrowing it? Well, I believe that these events are 'predestined' and are part of our soul's development. Each of us is a individual soul with individual gifts, talents and needs. I personally believe in 'reincarnation' and that most of us here where Christians because of who we may have been in a 'past life' for many numerous reasons and in what I believe to be the spiritual realms, Our soul, or 'higher self' along with our 'guardian angels' and 'guides' chose Christianity as an 'aid' in our soul's progression. It is the same with people who have a belief in the Islamic God or the Gods and Goddesses of Hinduism or the other religions created by man. Even the 'extremist' members of these religions I believe are also on the same path and in the 'next life' will progress further.

What do I believe about Jesus? Well, I believe he was the 'Son of God' but in the sense that we all are God's 'Sons and Daughters'. He most certainly was NOT God or even pretended to be despite what Orthodox Christians and even the Bible will claim. He was more of a spiritual teacher who had reached a state of 'divine consciousness' and could 'physically manifest' the image of God. He certainly didn't want a church or to be worshiped, but taught and talked of rather a Church within ourselves (Giving, Loving, Understanding, Charity, Forgiveness, Generosity etc.) (The kingdom of God resides in us all.) Sadly, I believe the Bible fails on this, only charting the last 2 years of his life prior to the crucifixion and the story of his 'Irrational' birth to Mary. I also Believe that even some, if not most of the stories of Jesus aren't authentic such as the resurrection. Sadly, there is no evidence to support such claims as this or walking on water (unless it was the dead sea which could have been much more saltier than it is at present).

The Bible is, in some ways, an inspiring historical text if looked at logically, intelligently and not taken literally. There are lessons to be learned from it such as the story of Adam and Eve. This story is an excellent example of not blaming others for your own actions.

However, Where I do draw the line with the Bible is the violence against women and children throughout the Old Testament and it's portrayal of a Jealous, Angry, Homophobic and Perverse God along with the many obvious contradictions so hard to ignore but yet so justified by many Christians.

What I want to say is that many of us whether or not, we see it at present, will have benefited from being a Christian. I certainly have as it has helped me become a more well adjusted and mature person despite the pain it has sometimes caused me (people in churches, legalism, lies and fundamentalism) and prior to Christianity, I was a heavy drinker where as now I enjoy a few beers in moderation.

Christianity, along with Islam I believe are on a very quick and dangerous path to self destruction and will become an 'underground' belief system that only a minority will follow as we advance into the 'new age'. It is only a matter of time.

Atheism? Agnosticism? well that too is a path, recently I have been thinking of all the great inventors and scientists who are or who were Atheists. Have they have not been Atheist or Agnostic, then I believe that the world would not be as 'highly developed' as it is now with our advances in medicine and technology. Some of us who have no belief in a deity has greatly benefited not just them, but the world too. I believe everything happens for a reason and has a purpose and we all have our own path to follow. Only we for ourselves can decide that. no one else can do this for us. What is proof to one person may not even be evidence to another. If you have any questions then please, feel free. Peace and love to you all.

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