I stopped believing and never looked back

Sent in by Joseph

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I came across this site while search for the origins of Easter. I guess that was my sunrise service. I read Nicole's testimonial dated April 6, 2009 and was inspired to share mine. (Thanks for the forum).

I was raised Catholic and went to Catholic schools for 12 years. I went to mass every Sunday and in college, when I worked on Sundays, I attended Saturday evening mass. When I was 14, I saw the virgin Mary hovering over me one night. Funny that a good Catholic boy would have a vision of the Virgin Mary. So yeah, I was pretty much brainwashed.

In my late 20's I was in a bad marriage and wanted out. But I was dealing with all the baggage and implications that come with being a good Catholic. I went for a long walk down a busy main street and prayed for guidance. I cried, just wanting an answer. I got it. On the way home, I saw ambulances and mangled cars. When I got home, the neighbor informed me that a teenage girl was killed in the accident, decapitated. It was at that exact moment that I stopped believing.

Sure, I probably was already on the cusp, I don't know. But I realized that as I prayed for guidance about a looming divorce, some poor mother had probably prayed for the safety of her daughter.

I stopped believing and never looked back. I don't have visions of the Virgin Mary, I don't believe in ghosts, I don't believe in hell. It's funny how more spiritual I am now, than I was then. But now it's just me and my relationship with the world. So I'm off to YouTube to watch my Sunday morning sermon from George Carlin on religion. Even non-believers need communion.

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