Emptiness of Christianity

sent in by Bria

I was born, raised, and baptized roman Catholic by two wonderful parents.

My bio grandfather insisted i go to a Catholic school. After a few years at a secular private school, I left because the principal had some mental problems.

I went to catholic school for a few years and did not do well academically.
The principal was fake, he put on a front to show he was nice but he was very arrogant.

At 16 I was walking through a bookstore with my Mom and i picked up a book called Zen Catholicism.

At 17 i encountered a book called the Te of piglet. I read it for a few minutes while i was at work

It opened the door slightly. I felt unsatisfied with Catholicism, the service was boring. (the history of Catholicism was unsavory too considering my ancestors were native Americans it puts me at an awkward position)

I went to other denominations Lutheran Baptist Pentecostal Anglican Messianic Jewish and Nazarene. At 23 I saw a fight break out in my best friends church. I also noticed the hate pamphlets lying around at the front of the church apparently Lutheran Missouri's use denomination bashing to win converts (I'm sure theres more that do this i remember hearing many Baptists say they hate Catholics and being raised Catholic it does hurt)

At 25 a few things really shook my beliefs my best Friend who wanted to be a priest(so i thought) nearly became atheist. How could such a thing happen? several months later i went to Odessa to meet my blood relatives.

I had an aunt and a blood mom that fought over who has the right religion and the false Christian was going to hell this started to get to me a bit more.

I decided to research other beliefs and read Taoism I felt a joy surge through me that i never felt with Christianity! I told my Mom and she was fine with it (she believes there are many paths to God.

I told my best friends parents i became a Taoist my best friend a staunch Lutheran Missouri fundie wasn't accepting and told me Only Christians go to heaven He also told me i was stupid for de-converting.

I was angry that he would suggest such a stupid thing and i realized

Christianity was an arrogant belief system especially since it talks of love and acceptance and most people get fear guilt shame and arrogance.

Cedar Hill
Became a Christian: 0
Left Christianity: 26 (last Nov)
I was a Roman catholic, Pentecostal, Southern Baptist, Nazarene, LMS, Messianic Jew, Anglican
Now I am a UU/ Taoist
I converted because I was born into it
I de-converted because of fights in church, arrogance, belief only Christians go to heaven,eternal hell doctrine
email: gaara_kazekage_sand_ninja at yahoo dot com


Anonymous said...

I was annoyed reading this, how people can be so oposed and have such worped views of the CHristian faith. If one actually reads the new testement, you can see that it is a beleif system of love an understanding, and you should all realise that just because somebody may hide behind the mask of beleif may actually be a false Christian. Christianity, as such is the largest religion in the world with well over 2.1 billion followers world wide. So many people have come into realise the love of CHrist from various backgrounds, and many great people over the years who have shaped our world where CHristian. Mother Theresa, St ANthony etc. were christians, true christians, and as you can see they have devoted their whole lives to helping people, disgarding all lives pleasures. Would any of you be as brave as them? No, they have followed true christian teaching, and as you can see have lead exemplary lives.

Anonymous said...

So how can such a worped pointless, "arrogant" beleif system give way to such great people, huh? Speak up, obviously these people are following the bible, so that in itself should show the greatness of the book.

Jim Arvo said...

To Anonymous... Logic 101:

Suppose I made the following claim: Painting a car red makes it go really fast. Suppose, further, that I gave you this "proof". My car is red, and it goes really fast. Mario Andretti drives a red car, and it goes really fast. In fact, I can name thousands of really fast red cars. Therefore, painting a car red is the secret to making it go fast.

Now, you're not going to fall for that, are you? Here's how you could decisively shoot down such a ridiculous argument.

1) You name red cars that don't go very fast. (There's a red Subaru down the street. It's not considered to be a fast car, so obviously, being red is not a *sufficient* condition for going fast.)

2) You name non-red that go really fast. (Mario Andretti has also won a race driving a blue car. Thus, being red is not a *necessary* condition for going fast.)

Therefore, being red is neither necessary nor sufficient for going fast. In other words, being red HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH going fast.

If you would like some help in seeing the relevance of the above discussion to your post, just speak up. I'm sure any number of people here will be willing to walk you through it.

Have a good day.

webmdave said...

Jim: Brilliant.

You should be a teacher. :-)

Bruce said...

I have some questions for you Christians. If people don't accept Jesus as thier Savior they go to Hell--or so it is said.

So it is safe to say, all the Native Americans, ALL of the Jews in the Holocaust (including the kids), any non christian nation who has ever been conquered by an oppressor, gays, Hindis etc--are all going to Hell. Sounds like Jesus is a pretty egocentric guy.. Uh Oh, he may strike me down for using my brain!

Also, did you know when the Bible was written men believed that the Earth was "flat as a pancake" and that if you fell off the edge you would be eaten by dragons?

If an event such as the Tsunami of several years ago happened in ancient times, it would surely be described as 'Gods Wrath'. Of course they had no idea other countries like North America even existed then. To them it would be the whole world in thier Ethnocentric belief system.

I guess all those Native Americans were totally wrong about the meaning of life. I mean look what happened to them, the Christians killed them all and took thier land.

That to me is the arrogance, the stupidity and contradiction of Christianity..

It wouldn't last if people didn't brain wash kids with it to get them started early on the path of self deception.

Still haven't met a Christian that adopts the viewpoints above who can really debate anything without running into a wall of contradictions..

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