from fundy christian terrorist-wanna be to positive humanist rocker

sent in by joe blow

I was born into a very strict southern fundy family, grew up in private school, My family is all involved in the Ministry at some level, pastors, missionaries, I was a youth pastor at one time. I was looked upon as a uncompromising leader in the church. I naturaly found bible studys interesting, I commited whole heartedly to the Faith, I led bible study & prayer groups in public schools, I led downtown witnessing teams, I led youth groups and preached at the pulpit a few times.

Almost all my sermons were on the subject of GOds Unconditional Love.. A concept I still hold sacred and the biggest reason why I reject Christianity and its pardoxical hate filled theology of Eternal Hell and Hereditary Transmission of Orginial Sin Doctrine.

Secretly I admired,respected and justified the " brave and honorable" christians who bombed abortion clinics. I took christian theology and biblical literalism to its most logical conclution and could justify all sorts of actions that mimic todays Islamic Terrorists.. all in the name of GOd, when you interpret holy scripture in a literal sense.

Looking back I am sure I had a Martyr Complex.

Because I grew up in a sheltered environment, the only books I was ever exsposed to was christian books, young earth creationism, and the paranoid end time books of the 1980's.

In my mid 20's I started the bad habit of buying books on any subject I didnt know about. Because I was bored,single and lonley..... it turned into a hobby which I still practice today, my house is like a library with thousands of books. These days I mostly read science textbooks, I cant stand fiction. I also collect pages of the oldest bibles I can find ( my oldest being the first edition of the KJV 1616) and I also collect old science textbooks and out of print cult and occult books, just because of the "oddness" factor. And they are fun to read

Anyway I rememeber the first non-christian book I bought was a new age book from the 1980's that was critical of christianity and claimed the Yeweh was an alien.

I thought it was a christian book when I first bought it, and this silly new age book planted the seeds of curiosity that eventually led to my deconversion 5 years later. I started to mass buy books on every topic dealing with religion, philosphy, all the non canon bible books, dead sea scrolls, biblical history,UFO junk, new age stuff, cults, which after so many years of spending months on a particular subject,

I finally settled down in comforting "spiritual" bliss of Science and the "ologys", critical thinking, and Logic.

By now I am completely de converted. a few years into my education, I wrote a 10 page letter to my church and family outlining the detailed reasons why I am leaving christianity, outlining biblical contradictions and historical evidenc and so forth.... Things have never been the same since then. basically all my church family and friends shunned me and see me as a lost cause.

My family nevers talks to me anymore. every one avoids me like I am some Leper. If I see a old church buddy, they turn their back on me.

Oh well the price to pay I guess for wanting to know the Truth.

And the Truth is( as far as I can see) that fundy Christianity is a destructive false man made cult filled to the brim with destructive paradoxical logical falacy.

Now days i front a rock band. vocals and guitar.

My goal in life is to promote the value of education, science , critical thinking, positive ( even spritual) humanism in our anti intellectual and sex driven candy pop american youth worship culture. my other goal is to promote awareness that our elderly population is de valued and maginalized in our modern society, and that they need to find a constructive positive role in our society. I believe the future of our humanity is at stake by ignoring the wisdom and peaceful intentions of our elderly.

My third goal is to promote anti-materalistic lifstyle.

This is difficult to do in our institutionalized popular music culture that worships youth,looks, money, and anti-education, and self image... although I am positive the "demand" and maket is out there, and we have gotten nothing but positive feedback and support. We are on the verge if not already, of " breaking thru" to the "Top".

these next few years should be very interesting.

If I can turn one fan onto education,science, and critical thinking, then I have fulffilled my purpose.

How old were you when you became a christian? born into it. saved at 10
How old were you when you ceased being a christian? 27 ish
What churches or organizations or labels have applied to you? Holiness, Baptist
What labels, if any, would you apply to yourself now? positive humanist
Why did you become a christian? I thought it was Truth, I wanted to know God
Why did you de-convert? Education, Apologetics, biblical studies

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