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Being raised from day one to be a god-fearing, worshiper of the Christian god whose son is named "Jesus" was almost impossible to break from especially when the foundation of my family’s creed was "spare the rod, spoil the child" or " I am only doing this because god loves you and I love you".

Is there really any love in teaching your children to never look the adult in charge in the eye because that was defiant not only against authority (however right or wrong they may be) but to god who placed those adults in those positions based on their faith.

Should young people be taught not develop the strength of self-reliance ("just give it all to god and if it is his will, all will be o.k." or not....depending if you’ve tithed to the church or been humble enough to bloody your knees in solemn(desperate) prayer avowing your un-wavered servant hood to the supreme being who has known since the beginning of time of his un-matched power and all of the pathetic ass-kissing is just boosting his ego and he loves it, cherishes it, bathes in it, until you ‘just weren’t groveling enough and he is "forced" to pass judgment because of your insolence”. Oh don’t worry he will give you the chance to really kiss his ass and beg for forgiveness because he is “love”.

I think that, to god, We are nothing but his pathetic minions being put through a series of god-awfully complex tests of human limits just to see how long it will take us to be standing there with both fingers pointed toward the heavens in a solemn act of defiant faith and worship…. “Your number ONE god”, now can I please get a fucking break……I’ve been so good in putting up with your bullshit.

I say that I will live a life based on my own free-will and create a world to live in where adults take the time to answer any and all questions from young people, inviting opposition and higher thought processes so that they will sooner be able to sort things out and develop their own free-will and create a world for themselves where they are god the creator along with the others who were given the tools to create from the start, instead of being made to be submissive and fear “the manifestation of the controlling overlords selfishness and desire to outright control the masses”.

BE god to your children

Orange County
How old were you when you became a christian? although the brain washing began i was approx. 9 y.o.
18 approx.
I attended Calvary Chapel. Costa Mesa, went to christian school 5th thru 10th grade
Now I am a Visionary Man, Shaaman Guide through dimensional planes of existance
I converted because it was the thing to do then in my family
I de-converted because of self realization combined with freedom of will
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