Emptiness of Christianity

sent in by Bria

I was born, raised, and baptized roman Catholic by two wonderful parents.

My bio grandfather insisted i go to a Catholic school. After a few years at a secular private school, I left because the principal had some mental problems.

I went to catholic school for a few years and did not do well academically.
The principal was fake, he put on a front to show he was nice but he was very arrogant.

At 16 I was walking through a bookstore with my Mom and i picked up a book called Zen Catholicism.

At 17 i encountered a book called the Te of piglet. I read it for a few minutes while i was at work

It opened the door slightly. I felt unsatisfied with Catholicism, the service was boring. (the history of Catholicism was unsavory too considering my ancestors were native Americans it puts me at an awkward position)

I went to other denominations Lutheran Baptist Pentecostal Anglican Messianic Jewish and Nazarene. At 23 I saw a fight break out in my best friends church. I also noticed the hate pamphlets lying around at the front of the church apparently Lutheran Missouri's use denomination bashing to win converts (I'm sure theres more that do this i remember hearing many Baptists say they hate Catholics and being raised Catholic it does hurt)

At 25 a few things really shook my beliefs my best Friend who wanted to be a priest(so i thought) nearly became atheist. How could such a thing happen? several months later i went to Odessa to meet my blood relatives.

I had an aunt and a blood mom that fought over who has the right religion and the false Christian was going to hell this started to get to me a bit more.

I decided to research other beliefs and read Taoism I felt a joy surge through me that i never felt with Christianity! I told my Mom and she was fine with it (she believes there are many paths to God.

I told my best friends parents i became a Taoist my best friend a staunch Lutheran Missouri fundie wasn't accepting and told me Only Christians go to heaven He also told me i was stupid for de-converting.

I was angry that he would suggest such a stupid thing and i realized

Christianity was an arrogant belief system especially since it talks of love and acceptance and most people get fear guilt shame and arrogance.

Cedar Hill
Became a Christian: 0
Left Christianity: 26 (last Nov)
I was a Roman catholic, Pentecostal, Southern Baptist, Nazarene, LMS, Messianic Jew, Anglican
Now I am a UU/ Taoist
I converted because I was born into it
I de-converted because of fights in church, arrogance, belief only Christians go to heaven,eternal hell doctrine
email: gaara_kazekage_sand_ninja at yahoo dot com

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