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sent in by cdmon

Hi all,

I've been lurking on this board for the past few days. I find that I share the same sentiments about xianity as many others on this forum. Although I am not an Athiest, but I do find their views on xianity quite refreshing.

I am a recovering pentecostal. I am a Pagan/Witch now and since this is a ex-xian board, I feel the same way as many of you.

As a xian, I was always under scrunity by the ministers. They had outlandish expectations of how I should live my life. Such expectations a messiah couldn't live up to. When I questioned scripture and started noticing the blaring inconsistancies and contradictions, they admonished me for questioning god by questing his "word."

These people did not live up to what they were trying to put on me. Even the ministers were getting caught up in scandles and trying to sweep it under the carpet while ostrasizing [sp?] their victims.

I tired quickly of their controling methods, and giving them 10% of my hard earned money, which I know god did not see a penny of. I know this because of the pastor's new Rolex's, his BMW, and his membership to the country club, where he spent an inordinant amount of time contemplating his next sermon. Also his yearly pilgramage to the Holy Land with the Church secretary was a sure sign the money wasn't going to the lord. And the pastor's wife wasn't getting what she needed either. She could be found here ot there hiding out with her gin bottle. And the pastor constantly fawning over the church secretary, and showering her with expensive gold jewelry. Go figure-

I've been clear minded and sober from the intoxicating effects of brainwashing and indoctrination for 20+ some years now. I couldn't feel any better. And the only regret I have would be not getting out of xianity sooner.

The only problems I have with xians now is their constant assertions that I am a satan worshipper, and their feeble attempts to reconvert me... THAT would really be backsliding.

1. I do not believe in satan. It is my opinion that in order to believe in satan you must ascribe to the xian religion, because satan is a xian invention, along with yahweh and jesus.

2. I find it highly offensive when ignorant xians try to tell me what I believe in or worship for that matter.

3. I actually do not worship any deities. My belief is more earth based, and far less supernatural.

I am so glad to be out of xianity. Even though they say I am a backslider, I say I have moved forward.

The bible is so full of shit. I often question how I could have ever been duped into believing it.

If anyone would just apply Ockham's Razor to the scriptures

(namely, all things being equal, the simplest explanation is usually the correct one) they might be able to see it for the bs that it really is.

Virgin birth, my ass!! And WTF does overshadowed mean?

They stold that from mithra and many other patriarchal pagan religions. Besides the OT prophesy in Isaiah "Behold a virgin shall concieve," the hebrew word "almah" did not mean virgin at all, it meant a woman of marrying age, and had nothing to do with her chastity. In fact in Song of Solomon, Almah was used in stark contrast to virgin. The hebrews had a word for virgin, "bethulah." Why didn't they use that? Because the jews would have thought they are full of shit.

And what about jesus' miracles? Any mediocre magician can pull these off. Our magick has more to do with herbs, oils, candles and personal intent. Nothing supernatural here.

About dying on the cross... umm Yeah, some idiots nail themselves to the cross in the Phillipines and Texas, every year around Ostara (easter). The fakirs in India put steel rods through their bodies and live to tell about it. No miracle here. And there are potions that can make one appear to be dead.... remember the gall or was it vinegar mixed with wine (words to that effect) yeah that is when it was administered. The Voudon religion uses that stuff in their rituals.

I think that there might be something to Holy Blood Holy Grail, and the DaVinci Code, that he faked his death and buggered off to the south of France with Mary Magdalene, and sired children who married the crown heads of Europe.

Seems far more logical than being crucified and rising from the dead.

There might have been a jesus, but I think he got a bad rap by his followers who imbued him with more power and deity than he ever really was. Kinda like the Hollywood star syndrome, where they can never ever live up to the image the media makes of them.

And the church have used the bible as a means to control its followers. Now we see what happens when they get some political power...

Enough of my ranting for now...

Just wanted to mention that I like this site, it is a good thing.

BB, cdmon

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