Mormons-the Israelites never made it to North America

sent in by Stormwarden

My name is Stormwarden, and I am an ex-mormon. To be honest, I quit the church well before the last straw. Having read The Bible cover to cover and the Mormon Trilogy as well, I felt I believed it less and less. I was baptized at age 10, and became a member of the priesthood at 14.

The last straw came the week of 9/11/01. I saw then the hypocrisy of not just the Mormon church, but of so many others as well. They claim to be of mercy, yet these places are usually the first to throw the switch. Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell only confirmed my thoughts of the Xian faith. They didn't look for a moment at the truth of things: a combination of religion and historical blindness (much of our messes started with the Reagan administration and its meddling).

I quit that day. I have yet to inform the church or my parents that I have done so, nor do I wish to yet. I want to get away first.

As for what I am now, I am honestly not sure. I will admit I have far more sympathy for the "pagan" churches than I do the Xian ones, although followers of JS Spong, the Unitarians, and the United Church of Christ are good company.

I do not do right for any god. I do it because it is right. No more, no less. I just hope these self-proclaimed Christians come to their senses.

West Virginia
United States
Joined at 7
Left at 21
I was a Mormon
Now? To be honest, I don't know yet, I just know it won't be Christian
Converted because parents insisted on it
De-converted because of 9/11 and Pat Robertson made me quit
Email: LordStormwarden at gmail dot com

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