Breaking Baptist Barriers

sent in by Brandon Belden

I grew up literally smothered and confused by the dogmatic and polarizing messages I recieved weekly at our local First Baptist Church. My basic experience was go to church, sing some boring songs, listen to an emotionless preacher, and hope to get out in time for the kickoff of the Cowboys game. Of course 15 years of being dragged to "worship" instilled a fear-based confusion in me that was instrumental in abnormal behaviors and addictions that I adapted in adulthood. My mother was the most self-righteous, hypocritical, insecure woman I have ever met, except of course when she went to play church and "perfect mom" in front of the weekly congregation of Churchians.

I had no self-esteem or self identity by the time I was 18, and I figured the only way to get my mom's approval was to go off to Baptist college. The first thing that happened upon arriving at school was getting into an argument with a gluttonus blowhard professor who could not stand his ideaologies challenged. This pretty much sums up christianity as a whole. Do as we say, not as we do. Everything is the devil's fault. Paul is the Messiah of the Messiah. Religious cliche after religious cliche statements.

After years of putting up with this bullcrap, and figuring out the newest preacher at the local first baptist church was nothing less than a two-bit con artist, I had enough. For a brief time I hung out with a flaming zionist who could talk about nothing but poor mistreated Israel, and freemasonry. His concepts made alot of sense, about the decree of Constantine of Rome outlawing the Torah sabbath and instituting Sunday worship on penalty of death for violations, of the protestant obsession with building phallus symbols on top of church buildings, how protestants talk about God while violating all of his laws and teaching myths like Santa Claus and Easter bunny as truth, and so on.

What this did was teach me to not accept anyones interpretation or teachings as infallable truth. Eventually I met a girlfriend who had fallen prey to the same people, the messianic zionists, and I was introduced to the Nag Hammadi texts that the papal authorities tried to bury forever, and a couple of books called CONVERSATIONS WITH GOD, and THE BIGGEST SECRET.

TBS is by David Icke, and he pretty much destroys the origins of literal christianity and exposes christianity for what it is, mind control for people who refuse to think critically. His work is all referenced and cross referenced, and really helped me step out of my religious cage. The final straw on even associating with protestant/catholic types for this season was going into a baptist church office and finding a photo of George W. Bush hanging next to the 10 Commandments. The churchians have definately embraced everything that is against the basic teachings of God and or/ the Christ in pursuit of the all-mighty fiat dollar. I shake off my sandals, learn from the past, and look forward to embracing the gnostic and esoteric teachings of all enlightened masters whether it be Pythagoras or Buddha, a hindu sage or a muslim caliph.

There is wisdom to be found in the deepest meanings of the ancients that christianity has tried to destroy yet has not succeeded. Peace!

Became a Christian at 8
Left Christianity at 28
I was a Baptist, Non-Denom, Pentecostal, 7th Day Adventist, Messianic Jewish
Now I am a Gnostic
I converted out of fear
I de-converted through educating myself
email: namaste_1_61803399 at yahoo dot com

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