I Was Possessed!

sent in by Andrew

I was born into a family where my mom and dad were staunch Christians. The insanity started when i was a kid. I used to cry every night as a baby in the middle of the night and somehow, my dad claimed that it happened at AM every night. By some dysfunction in his skull he concluded that i was possessed and got some priest to come exorcise me. And he claimed that the nightly crying stopped after that. This got him very paranoid about "demons" and "devils".

The insanity continues into my childhood where he did not allow me to have toys which looked "evil" like skeletor in masters of the universe. so all my toys were the good guys. I was forced to go to church every Sunday and i pissed the shit out of me when i was dragged out of bed to go to Sunday school. To go against him i wreaked havoc in Sunday school but to maintain the "KIND" and "nice" people of the church image, they had to put up with me...boy that was fun!!

I decided when i was in my early teens that enough is enough. i told my dad to shuff the cross up his arse. he shuns me as the black sheep of the family but I'm so much happier not having to pray to some retard whose parents wont admit they had a quick roll in the hay.

In Asian culture, the dragon is a symbol of luck and prosperity. during my parents wedding my grandma hand sewed a blanket with a red dragon on it as a wedding gift to the newly weds. My dad the moron cut out the dragon and kept the blanket...the insane things Christians do.

I'm pissed when some young recently converted Christian comes up to me on the street and asks me if i know whats going to happen after i die. I usually politely turn him/her down but when he/ she gets persistent i will simply ask him/her one question. "what proof do u have that the bible is real?"...cuz the bible says that the bible is real? next question would be "what is so big a deal about an immortal hanging on the cross? is it greater then the heaps of soldiers who gave their lives in WW2??considering they were mortals, isn't that a greater sacrifice?"

The arrogance of Christians is disgusting and many of them are just losers that need some form of "love". They have already made up in their minds what it true or not and are not open to discussion. My message to Christians---Take a step out of this fools paradise, step out of your comfort zone and look at the other side of the coin. don't waste your time and money and life trying to make sense of a book which is riddled with contradictions.

From: Singapore
I was Born into a Christian family and forced to go to church
I left because of pure logic and the hypocrisy and arrogance of Christians
email: sandcastle1979 at yahoo dot com

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