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sent in by David

As a young man this Christian doctrine was forced on me like it was forced on many others. I was lead to believe that if you did not bow down to Jesus that you would forever burn in hell. But, they did not explain that while Jesus may have lived at some point that his teachings were twisted by other men and then in order to stay in a position of power over others they made these magical stories of Jesus walking on water and being raised from the dead. They have forced fed this crap onto us for far to long. They use this teacher as a way to murder millions or to force these same millions into servitude to the leader. The Catholics used the inquisitions to further their hold when people did not believe in what they had to say they killed them and with few non-believers around this helped to spread their disease.

I was able to break loose after reading many books by different scientists and finding that one there is no possible way that the Earth could be only 6,000 years old as the Christian heads have always said. Two they never explained things like history which if you do not have a working knowledge of the history of the time period or of the people you will not understand what you are reading when you read the Bible. Without the history you will be looking at the Bible through the eyes of someone modern and this does not enable you to read the truth. Which is that Jesus while being a good JEWISH RABBI and leader of HIS own JEWISH people he was no God he only wanted his people to be free of the roman rule and to have the JEWS back in control of their own land. But, in order to keep the followers in line and the money they were receiving coming in the early church fathers had to make up something. And this is the myth that Jesus was a God and so they have flourished for over 2000 years and continue to rain death and destruction until this very day. The Christian Bush is now killing Iraqis that had little or nothing to do with the 9/11 attacks but we must take the heathen God's justice. (So we can get Gods oil) Sorry about the political view I get carried away sometimes.

Anyway there is no sign of the Christian movement going away. But, as for myself although I do not think any of the religions of the world have it right just in case there happens to be one out there that responds to this I will quote John Milton from Paradise Lost: "It is better to rein in hell than to serve in heaven." But, I do not think that most of the mindless Christians out there give much thought to reading anything beyond their flawed Bible.

Joined: 13
Left: 25
Was: Baptist, Methodist
Now: Freethinker, Agnostic
Converted because: Fear of Hell , Adults kept shoveling this on us.
De-converted because: Began to self educate and read the bible and other books and found the bible to be a propoganda tool of those in power trying to keep us good little sheep in line so that they could further enslave our minds and our bodies.
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