1 Plus 1 Equals 3

sent in by Greydon Square

1 + 1 will never equal 3

I just spent the entire day (a Sunday I might add) arguing with my ex-girlfriend and my brother’s current girlfriend about their so-called God of the impossible. This fight went the entire 12 rounds ranging all over the ring from Free will, to the self contradiction of God's omnipotence, and even to the concept of God creating everything, and i have one simple question...WAS I REALLY LIKE THAT?

I mean here’s the thing, these 2 women who don’t know each other from Adam (or Eve), yet believe so blindly without reason that this self contradicting God exists and has played such a huge part in their lives. its sickening to think that i used to be that way.

Here’s my problem:

Due to the mathematical constant (otherwise known is mathematical law) 1 + 1 will never equal 3, 11, 23, 15 or any other number besides 2. Yes, 2. Not even an all powerful God can change this because 1+1=2. If this is true, then why on God's green earth (you can pick which god) is it so hard to reason with these people. I don’t ever remember being so stubborn and blind to the obvious truth that if god is not all powerful than he is not worthy of the title god—period.


I’m under the firm belief now that the only reason religion actually exists is because man is afraid of death.

If you want to hear something even crazier, i actually heard from one of these women's mouth that the reason that there is so much disease and poverty in Africa, is because they were not exposed to the Christian god.....ARE YOU F**KIN Crazy!!!!!!!! (And this woman was my girl)

Id like to think as a 24 year old black man, that I’ am exceptionally lucky. This is due to the fact that black people are so blindly soaked in Xtianity that it’s impossible to reason with them or even carry on a conversation of any type of value. Here's my stance (and all you black people listen up)

We as African Americans have only been exposed to Xtianity for the last 550 years HOWEVER Xtianity is about 1800 years old. Hmmm. Had our ancestors NOT been a part of the slave trade (endorsed by the Catholic Church I may add), we might have NEVER known, or heard, the word Christian. So how is it that we can be the most blinded Christians of them all?

Every time I have one of these debates and i have them often, the converting Xtian is always undoubtedly backed into the "Faith" corner. If we were to eliminate the word faith from the argument, Christianity wouldn’t have a leg to stand on. I mean if I don’t know something, I simply do not know it. I don’t try to rationalize by saying that its God's plan or that I just need to have faith. Of course the retort is, "You just don’t have a relationship with god, and you’re not opening your heart to him that’s why you don’t understand."

You’re right, I don’t blindly understand or accept something that I know to be logically impossible. God is not all-powerful. However the Ideology of God is all-powerful. The idea of an all-powerful all-knowing being that will punish you if you use your free will—that he's given you—to seek out knowledge that would expose His illusion that has controlled the masses for centuries.

It wasn’t atheists who signed off on the crusades.

It wasn’t atheists who backed the slave trade.

And it wasn’t atheists who crucified Christ. (if there ever was a Christ)

And yet we still have a society who believes that this god… the god of the impossible… the god who's very nature is impossible… is possible.

This god in the bible, YHWH, Jehovah, Allah whatever ever you want to call him, is depicted in that laughing stock contradiction of a Bible, as a six year-old child with a gun and a temper.

This God could not be responsible for existence.

And there is no way that he could possess the ability to make 1+1 equal 3. After all 1+1 equals 2

Post Script

And I don’t want to hear about the tale of Jesus making a loaf of bread feed 5000; that is not a mathematical constant and has nothing to do with anything.

Greydon Square
Grand Unified Theory
(This is no way depicts the stance of Grand Unified Theory, it’s just the organization that i am a part of)


Steven Bently said...

Exactly Greydon, religions were created out of fear of death and the unknown, the biggest obvious reason to any clear thinking person such as yourself, although christians will not admit this, because they have invested their sanity for a belief, they have swapped, traded-in their common sense and sanity for a belief that they vehemently wish for, that the bible to become true, if they can just hold on to the insane beliefs until death, they they will be richly rewarded for their ignorant beliefs according to the false teachings of the lieble.

Instead of admitting that no one knows how were all got here and no one knows any much beyond this planet, they would much prefer to believe in a fairytale that was supposedly inspired by an imaginary god that loves us all but does not want any thing to do with humans, therefore god stays hid and never exposes his true identity, nor ever intervenes in our affairs, yet we are to blindly believe in this invisible diety and if not, we will all go and burn forever in this hell, just because we do not believe in things that are invisible. Makes alot of sense doesn't it? Thanks Greydon, enjoyed your testimony. Ben

Anonymous said...

Actually it's father, son and the holy ghost 1+1+1 = 1

You see Greydon god created the whole universe in just 6 days, but he made a Big mistake, he also created Evil, so after sitting on his thumbs for 4000 years he decided to inseminate a virgin girl so that she would have a son and that they would later kill him as a sacrifice for all the sins that god allowed to happen in the first place.

So now, god had to find a way to transport his sperm to this virgin girl so he sent an Angel, by the way all Angels are male:-) and it just takes one sperm to impregnate a virgin girl, now this virgin girl was already pregnant, so all god had to do is infect this baby with the holy ghost spirit, a ghost spirit with god-like atributes!

Now we have gone from god's only begotten son to a baby that was already conceived, and infested with the holy spirit, makes alot of sense doesn't it Greydon?

So did god impregnate this virgin girl or was the girl already pregnant and did god just bless her child with the holy spirit or did god transport his sperm all across the universe via an angel, and what form of transportation did they use to transport the sperm?

What vessel did they use to transport god's sperm in, since it was invisible?

Does god masturbate on a regular basis?

These are important questions that christians must be able to answer.

Anonymous said...

jeezusfabble, WTF I thought u knew the answer to that question, its easy, did no-one clue u. It goes like this. The transportation they used was Santa Claus on his twelve reindeer sleigh that carried the Easter Bunny who had gods sperm in a vessel that looked like a big invisible colourful egg,
Santa showed the Easter Bunny how to get into the house via the chimney. Santa helped himself to the milk & cookies while Bunny poured the contents of the egg into Mary's red silk purse.
Which is why christians who believe their Babble still celebrate these events to this day!! And yes, god does spank his monkey on a regular basis, thats why u get hailstorms,cos it freezes on the way down. All very sound scientific evidence for all of this!!

Anonymous said...

Good post, Greydon. Sounds like you stood up for yourself and your beliefs (or lack of) pretty well.

But even though 1+1 may not equal 3:

for extremely large values of 2


OK, it was off topic, but good for a laugh.

Anonymous said...

Greydon, after a while you'll quit beating your head against the wall. You can't reason with Christians, they compartmentalize too well. After a while it drives a lot of them insane and they self-destruct (molesting children, porn addictions, alcoholism, spousal abuse, depression, etc).

I don't know about other religions, but this one was created for the specific purpose of giving a group of people an identity in the face of oppression, a kind of "we're special and God is going to wreak the revenge upon you that we cannot" type of thing. It depends very much upon the feeling of persecution, which is why so many Christians believe to this day they are being persecuted. Nothing is further from the truth, of course, but they aren't very good at seeing what's right in front of their faces.

Anonymous said...

I can definately relate 2 where u r coming from on this. Logic, reason, & common sense simply cannot be reconciled with diehard believers. And unfortunately many African Americans just aren't trying 2 hear anything rational. The brainwashed fear of hell is 2 deeply instilled. But i would like 2 acknowledge your enlightenment, glad 2 see another black man who's seen the light of reason, peace!

Anonymous said...

Greydon, Your observations and consternation don't surprise me in the least. I wonder though how many black youth once they make it to college look upon those who idolize and worship the white man's god who aren't white with embarrassment at such ignorance and this goes as well for those of asian ethnicities.

I think every black person should know the history of the Harlem Renaissance http://www.atheists.org/Atheism/roots/harlem/ because of the remarkable and largely ignored free thinkers who became reknowned at that time and of Hubert Henry Harrison http://www.atheists.org/Atheism/roots/harrison/ whose paraphrased response in defense of his atheism included the following: "At one of his lectures he was asked why he rejected Christianity; he replied that any rational Black man who accepted Christianity must be crazy. As Harrison pointed out, the Christian Bible is a slave master's book. Slavery is defended in numerous passages in Holy Writ, whereas antislavery is nowhere endorsed in that work. In the Christian pantheon, god is white, and so is Jesus Christ, the Holy Ghost, and all the angels. The only black member is the devil. He pointed out how pathetic it is to go to a Jim Crow church on Sunday and hear Black people singing a hymn, asking god to bleach them whiter than snow, so that they might enter into the Kingdom of Heaven."

Anonymous said...

Greydon,...as a church musician for 20 yrs.,..I played in alot of black churches.I was always amazed at how blindly they followed their pastors.
I read recently that the feeding of crowds with one loaf of bread was a common con game in biblical times,(as well as other
supposed miracles Jesus performed).

Anonymous said...

Greydon,...as a church musician for 20 yrs.,..I played in alot of black churches.I was always amazed at how blindly they followed their pastors.
I read recently that the feeding of crowds with one loaf of bread was a common con game in biblical times,(as well as other
supposed miracles Jesus performed).

Anonymous said...


I can say the same about my people, "Los Latinos." In our case, I blame it on underdevelopment and lack of proper education. That is what causes them to assign phenomena of unknown origin to god.

Another explanation is the low self-esteem caused by 400 years of brutal slavery at the hands of Spain. In that, I believe, we are similar to African-Americans during the slavery period.

Low self-esteem causes people to look up to others and to put them on a pedestal.

My 2-cents

Jim said...

It's your ex girlfriend and your brother's girlfriend that has the problem. All religions are faith based, but Christianity seems to be the worst, and the most evilest of all religions. It actually throws guilt back upon the believer. There is only one real path to follow, and that path is atheism. Cheers all Jim Lee

Anonymous said...

Greydon-you nailed it. Religion exists because people are afraid of death. It is also a control mechanism. Sounds like you made a great argument with your ex and your brother's girlfriend. As you you have learned, you can't reason with these people, because their "faith" teaches them not to believe reason. As a white man, I don't understand why any African American person (or Native American or Hispanic person) would be a Christian. It was under the cloak of Christianity that their ancestors were oppressed for so long. I commend you for seeking out and finding the truth, and defending your beliefs so well. In our "Christian" culture, it takes a great deal of courage to speak out as an atheist.

Anonymous said...

Greydon, you got it. Like Freedy, I'm a musician, I play in a lot of churches. This is not a bad thing to do, you hear what they say when they're on their home turf, so to speak. There is a different dynamic, I've noticed, in a "black" church than in one mainly made up of caucasians. Same message and need, but a different approach. My daughter in law is "black" (family from Jamaica) and when we visit I wind up playing for where she goes. That is an Episcopal church and the congregation is mostly Carribean, African, and from India.

You're a very smart young man, Greydon. Most of the world accepts certain fictions to out of some need to fit and not make waves, but I'm glad to see someone else who doesn't. Consider your hand shaken, and welcome to the hard path. You're not alone in your travels.

My parents tried to raise ma as a Southern Baptist, but I never believed from day one. The only true wisdom I got from church attenance was this story (told by the bad kids at church camp):

A young man decided to go into the ministry, went before his local board to be examined as to his fitness to enter. They discussed some esoteric things with him, and finally asked him what HE thought his qualifications were, he said, "Gentlemen I have the biggest ____ in three counties and an insatiable cravin' for fried chicken." I've found that there's a lot more truth to that than not during my sojourn on this planet.

Anonymous said...

i accidently clicked on ths website and i can't believe you would that the all powerful God doesn't deserve that title! i can't believe you would insult a religion like that. They are entitled to their own beliefs and you have no right to insault them like that! YOU ARE RUDE AND HAVE NO RESPECT!!!

Anonymous said...

i can not believe this website it is purely disrespectful and rude. it has no right to insult all that christians believe. i have read some of the comments and i am applaud that someone named bentley said that we have lost our common sense. christian belief in simple terms is treating others as you would want to be treated. is that having no common sense and to have insanity. i am truly upset

webmdave said...

You will go to hell, where you will be tortured forever in horrific agony, if you don't accept the one true religion. Be afraid! Be very afraid!

That's what Christianity teaches. And that's pretty damned rude.

Christianity sucks ass.

Astreja said...

Indeed. What could be more rude, more evil and more destructive to society than:

- Causing psychological harm to children by telling them tales of Hell;

- Teaching people that they were born evil and cannot redeem themselves with good actions;

- Teaching that human sacrifice is a good thing, particularly if the victim is a person of exemplary character;

- And teaching that the end of the world is a good thing rather than a horrible tragedy?

That's mighty screwed up. A belief system that teaches such things deserves no respect, none at all. It must be actively fought, debunked and neutered until it is incapable of causing harm.

And oh, the irony in this quote: christian belief in simple terms is treating others as you would want to be treated.

Oh, really? In that case, all you have to do is practice your religion in private and leave the rest of us alone.

Anonymous said...

"applaud" anonymous said:
i can not believe this website it is purely disrespectful and rude. it has no right to insult all that christians believe
To "applaud" anonymous,

Your first mistake was finding your way to an EX Christian site.

Your second mistake was sticking around to read what we think of your lame beliefs.

Your third mistake was to assume that folks who have been burnt by your religion would have anything kind to say about it.

It would only be rude if we posted these ideas on a xtian website.

We see your beliefs the way most would see a religion that had a core belief of dancing fairies at the bottom of their backyard garden.
If an idea (like your religion) is unfounded, unproven and generally ridiculous, then it deserves the lumps it gets from those who know better than to fall for it's brainwashing scheme.

We do NOT feel your religion deserves one iota of respect, and in fact, it's nothing less than an abomination to the welfare of the human condition.

However, feel free to badmouth us all you want on any xtian site of your choosing.

ATF (who learned a long time ago not to visit websites that I might find not to my liking)

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