Resistance is no longer futile

sent in by Rachelle

I don't know how many Star Trek fans are out there, but I have always enjoyed the analogy of Christianity to the Borg. They are an alien race in the series that seeks out lifeforms in order to incorporate them into thier group, in an attempt to void the universe of individuality. They encounter a new civilization, capture them and "assimilate them into thier collective". Nothing in my mind could describe chrisitans better, as they too seek to rid the world of personal freedoms. It seems strange to me that the supposed creator of my mind would try so hard to keep me from using it.

My personal testimony is as simple as one a christian might give you. Once i was lost, and now i am found, was blind, but now see the light. In fact, I may not be much different than the eight year old girl who accepted christ as my personal savior all those years ago. Except i actually feel like i had something to do with it this time. As an adult I was not led into some room in a chuch fellowship hall, where guilt was applied to me quite effectively, as was that young girl. Words have not been placed in my mouth like some catholic taking the cracker that represents christ's body, which is a pretty good example of being spoon fed something. No, this time was not at all like the event that began my christianity years.

It was a slower transition this time, a lot of research and acceptance of facts was involved. As well as letting go of ideas that had been plugged into me since I can remember. And I might not even be able to explain it very well, except to say i feel a hundered times more free than I ever did under the cloak of God.

This is definately not because of the reasons christians give you. They say it's because now we don't have to follow morals or have values any longer. In reality, I have the same values I had before. The only difference, is that now I am a good person because I choose to be, and know that it is the right thing to do. Unlike christians, who are good because they are afraid of going to hell. I ask you: Which one of us is really the better person?

I like to think I am, because I am capable of all the things they are, just without the crutch. They may think I am lost, and I might even look that way, but I assure you, I have never felt more found in my life.

So they may feel sorry for me, and look at me and say: "I hope God has mercy on your soul.". And I can only look back and reply: "I hope you wake up one day, have an original thought, and fall in love with it." That is what I say, and then I ask them to remember the fact that the Borg were blown up and destroyed in one of the Star Trek movies.

Became a Christian: 8
Ceased being a Christian: 22
Labels before: Southern Baptist, Pentecostal
Labels now: Free to think for myself
Why I joined: Family pressure
Why I left: Discovery of myself, and contradictions in the Bible

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