Am I being discriminated against?

sent in by John E. Denison

When I was hired at my current job I didn't know it but I was moving towards leaving Christianity.

I met my employer at a Christian 12 step meeting where I was the featured speaker. He liked what I had to say so he hired me because he wanted to hire ex-offenders but he wanted someone that could help him with this endeavor.

Three years ago I was diagnosed with a rare blood malignancy, the medication made me sick but I could still work. I talked to him and he said as long as I could come in he would find something for me to do. Several times I approached him about my job performance and he said as long as I can break even (I sell and service fire extinguishers) he was ok with it. He said at another time he didn't expect me to keep up with other people he expected me to give him 100% of what I could.

I quit going to church 3 and a half years ago it has been a thorn in his side but you can't fire a guy for not going to church.

Yesterday he told me that he hired me to "minister to ex offenders" he said I can't do that because I don't go to church and am not growing spiritually. He said while he feels for me in my situation God has told nim clearly what he is to do and if I can't be part of that mission then it is not his reponsibility to worry about me, God will take care of me and my family.

I have broke even and usually made a profit since he and I discussed the situation. But he told me my families not going to church has really been perplexing him and he has concluded that if I can't do what he hired me to do I would be better off at another job.

He wants me to quit so that I don't get unemployment, he is doing this by requiring me to do things that I have difficulty doing with my health the way it is.
I am capable of peer counseling ex-offenders I graduated with a certificate for substance abuse counseling and have 20 years of sobriety, as well as 10 or more years of experience as a volunteer counselor in church rehab centers. I am married have 7 children live a law abiding life. A good example to an ex offender. I just can't get into going to church nor relying too heavy on the bible to counsel people.

I am 55 years old not in the best of health but able to work and willing to do things on the weekend if I can't get them done during the week.

Any suggestions? Ideas for employment? ???

City: Dallas
State: Texas
Country: USA
Became a Christian: 36
Ceased being a Christian: 50 something
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Labels now: freethinker
Why I joined: profound experience
Why I left: to many contradictions
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