sent in by Apollo

I was “saved” in October of 1981, shortly after the birth of our first child. Stuck with it for almost 23 years as a “Reformed”-Calvinist-postmillennianl “Christian Reconstructionist,” and renounced Christianity in February of 2004.

Noticed references to Gary North and RJ Rushdoony (“Today’s Christians”), the “patron saints” of Reconstructionism. Are you aware that Gary North is RJ’s son-in-law, and that a bitter falling-out remained unreconciled at the time of RJ’s death? Reconstructionism is possibly the most dangerous form of “practical Christianity” on the planet. Recons believe that Christ will not return until Christians have taken dominion of the world and Christ’s “enemies” have been destroyed, enemies being all non-Christians. At the local branch of this cult I attended, the kingdom was being built one acre at a time, with “dominion” defined as the acquisition of wealth and property.

“Dangerous books” saved me from Christianity and the cult of Reconstructionism. All religion is an attempt to cheat death by ritualizing the cycles of the natural world, in particular, celestial events: Sunrise, birth. Sunset, death. Sunrise, rebirth. Sound familiar?

After 23 years, boy, do I feel stupid.

Born again – again,


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