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sent in by Chris

My journey to Humanist started when I was about 17.At the time I was a member of the local Christian Youth group.heck I was what you would call saved!!!! Then one day I started reading some of Richard Dawkins work and I went to my Pastor and asked him a few questions about what I had read.

Well my Pastor automaticaly told me it was lies and only God knows the truth. I was like huh!!!!!

I asked the Pastor about certain verses in the bible like the one in Leviticus where it says not to eat shellfish, or where it says to stone a family member that gets a divorce. I just started Asking alot of questions and really reading the bible until my Pastor told me I could not go to Youth group anymore, which kind of sucked these were my christian friends but as soon as I started asking tough questions they kicked me out.

You know Christians do not read thier own Holy book. Honestly They bitch about Homosexuals and they disobey Gods laws about eating shell fish. One more question God.......

Why dont you destroy Red Lobster?

Anyway thanks for listening to my its nice to know a website like this exists.......

City: Houston
State: Tx
Country: US
Became a Christian: Born Atheist, learned Christianity at age 12
Ceased being a Christian: 19
Labels now: Humanist
Why I joined: Brainwashed
Why I left: started questioning and reading other text
Email Address: clancyfamily at

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