Destructive Christian Cults

sent in by Danny Haszard

I'm Danny Haszard from Bangor Maine usa. Former member of the Jehovah's witnesses.Exited out 1-5-92 was in for 33 years. I was 3rd generation, so they still are holding most of my family hostage. The Watchtower swindled most of my family assets, left me desitute at first but i have recovered much.

The worst thing that high demand destructive Bible based cults do to their victims is they 'soul rape' you so you become angry at God.

It's been called."surrogate displacement" rage. You become 'mad at the world' and it takes a long time to recover,

God is good and gracious and i am stronger for it. I have a counter-cult home page please visit and browse.I am determined to provide education and support to warn others of these,'wolves in sheep's clothing'.


City: Bangor
State: Maine
Country: USA
Became a Christian: Born a vic 1957
Ceased being a Christian: Age 33
Labels before: Watchtower / Jehovah's Witness
Labels now: Ethical Humanitarian(nice guy)
Why I joined: Had it Beaten into me
Why I left: JW's are malicious willful wanton Bastards
Email Address: Rollingthunderboywonder at

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