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There is a reason why the 3 biggest institutions in the world are, and have always been, the Government, the Churches and the Banks, it is simple: For power and control over the people. Initmidation and fear support their power and control. This is done, by keeping people divided up, rich from poor, sinner from saint.

I survived the insanity of Christianity. After 12 years of having a haunted mind and chasing this perfect picture of some dream concocted up by some insane wanna-be ruler some 2,500 or so years ago..., then I woke up.

So many years spent being jugded, measuring up, fitting in, feeling fake, and pretending to believe, we're years just spent, not lived. I realized then that the "ME" on the inside, did not match the outside person I portrayed. The lover of science and nature, peace and happiness, and brotherhood of man.

I do accept all humans regardless of their gender, race, color, sexuality, as far as the creed, let's just say I am tolerably accepting and kind in my intentions to help them find the truth.

Upon dating a black guy at 18, OH MY GOODNESS!, the whole world as I knew it, fell out. Family and friends, disowned me, my fellow churchgoers, avoided me.
It started to click then, but for 8 more years I observed the dogma, and hateful nuances in Christians.

They also preach one thing and do another. The Catholics drink, smoke, raise money for their schools with gambling, yet they are all okay as long as they hit the confessional. Judge not, but that is all they do. They have the right religion, and everyone else is wrong. Jesus saves! I say save yourself.

Most people spend more time keeping up than they do maintaining. I choose Motherhood over a career. We choose meals at home and time with one another, not waiting in line at McDonald's. We recycle faithfully, we alot times wear 2nd hand clothes. We are rich in moments, but not in money.

We are Zenists. We choose the middle way. That is the peaceful way between 2 extremes: neither excessive pleasure, nor excessive pain. I know that right mind, right speech, and right action are what make a good life. What if we could all just IMAGINE...John Lennon was a profit, so was Jerry Garcia, and yes, Buddha.

The big fat happy guy says to sit still and stop thinking so much, and you will be enlightened. My children our living proof that MY hard work, MY compassion, and MY nurturing are what have made them the exceptional little beings they are. We are trully happy and free.

We do not believe in a "BIG GIANT" dude out in space floating around on a planet? He has to be infanitely huge to make the unending universe and then hold it all. His arms have to be tired. If this Dude is up there, then he shows no love, no mercy, no kindness, and he refuses to fix what is broken.

If he created us, then why do we not get to see him? My mom made me, and I see her everyday. If he exists, give us proof? The Egyptians showed proof of their existance, why would those early jesuits not save the very cross their messiah died upon. That would be historically important, but, instead, they just came up with far fetched stories, to confuse us further. ALL MY PRAYERS FELL UPON DEAF EARS. Thankfully, I found my way out of the cylce of suffering placed upon women, and all us sinners, by just not buying into it anymore.

I watch 3/4 of the world's population being controlled by the government, churches, and banks. They keep them dependant upon pharmaceuticals, while shoving them in retail lines to spend money they don't have.

The churches won't admit that science has pretty much disproved the theory of creation, so they just keep building on the lies, and brainwashing their followers for fear of bankruptcy. Which in turn, would be the downfall of heirarchy, and so the domino affect then happens. All the while entertainment industry, keeps us busy with rhetoric, making us self-centered, and encourages the obsessive compulsive behaviors that keep us from focusing on the task at hand.

Let's change our world! We have to stick together, and make new priorities. We have to break down the barrier of our minds and lives, and start claiming ourselves for the way of truth, freedom, and liberty. Let's take back what was not theirs, to begin with...


State: OHIO
Country: USA
Became a Christian: 14
Ceased being a Christian: 26
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