Cruel Religion

sent in by Evers

It makes me sick that I did not find out the truth earlier in my life. Religion is truely a self made prison used to control the masses with fear and greed.

I credit the Bush President 43, and Jerry Foulwell with helping me see reality. To the most powerful office in hostory sucking up to a divine power for control of the earth seemed like Hitler to me. I read The "Age Of Reasoning" by Thomas Paine. It was written in the 17 hundreds and the lights came on. There may be a divine power but not the demonic being of revenge who's Bible hates gays, but is OK with owning slaves; children can be stoned for being disrespectful and women have no power at all.

I love people now because I care not out of fear of eternal damnation. God, if he exists could not have less love for those who read this than me, but I love you because you are a fellow human being and I don't need to know you or have you kiss up to me to be accepted. Religion will be the destrustion of the human race. Blame whom you want but most war were of a religous power struggle.

Christians who read this will first condemn because what else can they say? They will say you are going to HELL but they want to say go to HELL. The problem for me is religion is Hell.

Name: Evers
City: Lexington
State: NC
Country: us
Became a Christian: 16
Ceased being a Christian: 51
Labels before: Baptist
Labels now: Deist
Why I joined: Fear of Death, guilt
Why I left: I grew up at 51

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