I realized the Bible God is fictitious

Sent in by Danny

Hi to everyone here.

I will try to keep it short...well, as much as I can.

My name is Danny, the youngest of a family of 10. I am Filipino. My family is of Catholic background. Most Filipinos are. I grew up spoiled (I am the youngest). My family is well to do. That's really sad knowing most Filipinos live below the poverty line. My brothers sisters and I went to private Catholic schools and to good universities. We were all indoctrinated (brainwashed) to the Catholic way of thinking. Every Sunday (Mithra's Day...hehehe!) we as a family went to Catholic Church. After church, my parents always treated us somewhere usually good. That lasted until I was a teenager. After that, my parents let us go to church on our own time.

My father (a businessman...he owns several apartments) was a good mathematician and finished first honorable mention in his school. My mother is also a good mathematician. She graduated salutotorian in the same school. My brothers, sisters and I (maybe because of the genes...I don't really know) are mostly good in math. One of my brothers who we consider dumb (compared to us) became an accountant. The rest became mostly engineers. One became an architect. I became a statistician. I didn't really use my degree because now I am a programmer.

In school (catholic school), I had ADD (attention deficit disorder). My teachers would say 3 sentences and I started day dreaming. Obviously, I did poorly with most subjects. I only excelled in math. Math was very logical so I didn't really have to study. Some of my classmates were envious because they were amazed at how good I was at math. A lot of them called me abnormal. I didn't take offense to it because I knew it was only for good fun. Also, I was very popular with them because I tutored them in mathematics.

My brain is flowing with logic. I like analyzing things. In religion class, I asked "If God created everything, then who created God?" I wasn't really satisfied with the "Nobody created God. God is the Beginning, God is the End." answer. But I nodded in agreement. What else could I have done? While growing up, questions filled my head. "If God is a loving God, then how come he lets millions of people live so poorly? Why are some born crippled? Why are some born blind?" I am not gay but this question always bugged me..."Why is homosexuality an abomination?" I already saw in my own eyes that some people are just naturally born gay...what is their sin? "How can we be born with original sin? If Adam and Eve sinned and we came from them, then how can their sin be passed to us?"
"Why are the Jews the Chosen People? If God was fair and I believed He is, then why just them, why not all of us? Aren't we all God's children?" and so and so forth...there's just tons of questions.

I started not going to church when I was a teenager. It's not because those questions flooded my brain. It's just because of laziness. Even then, my belief in Jesus as our savior was very strong.
The very first atheist I met (I didn't know they existed...then) was one of my English teachers in college. I was totally shocked when he revealed to us that he was atheist. The idea to me (then) was an eye opener. I really respected this teacher. I just disagreed with his opinion.

Back in December 2005 it was Christmas season and the office was almost empty I began to search the internet for world beliefs...like death, reincarnation, other religions. Every day for 2 weeks this is what I did. I started to become depressed. I started to have nightmares. I thought it was a wake up call. I went back to church. I tried my best to re learn Christianity. At the same time I also started some drugs prescribed to combat my depression. Eventually my depression left. The drugs worked. My questions still hounded me so I started to look in the internet again. I opened my mind to a lot of ideas not consistent with my christian upbringing.

That's when I realized the Bible God is fictitious. God just cannot choose one race. He cannot show favoritism. He cannot condone murder nor rape nor incest. But all those nasty things are in the Bible. Homosexuals are normal people. They are not an abomination. I also saw the similarity of Jesus with the other "saviors" who preceded him. How can you explain that? If the other saviors are pagan gods, what about Jesus? He is as pagan as the rest of them. Plus, the very existence of Jesus is highly questionable. The gospels (the chosen ones...politics played a role in this I guess) were not even written by the eyewitnesses. The historians never mentioned Jesus. A few mentioned Christ (not Jesus) in a few sentences. And...if Jesus really existed and is really the savior, why did he come 2000 years ago? What about the people that were born before him? Are they all hell bound? If yes, then isn't that unfair? What about the people who will never hear of him? Hell bound? Yikes! The Muslims? I bet most Muslims are good people. Are they hell bound? I don't think that's fair.

What am I now? Certainly I am not a Christian. I still go to church. I have to pretend. It's all show. My brain just wanders during the entire mass. Am I an atheist? I have read quite a few testimonials and debates here in this website and I really think the atheists are much much more logical and reasonable than any of the Christian apologists. But no I am not an atheist. I am a deist. I still have faith...not in the Biblical God...not in Jesus...I still believe in a higher power. I think a higher power created us through evolution. If not, then a higher power must have created that alien race that created us. Or something.

Do we have souls? A lot of you will be shocked but I do believe we have souls. Why do I think this way? I forgot to mention it but when I was a kid our home was filled with ghosts. Not a lot, but some. I heard them...my brothers heard them...it's not my imagination...we experienced them at the same time. I saw knobs turning. Remember my mind is logical so I thought someone was just tricking me. I tried to recreate the same thing using a key and the knob wouldn't turn. I heard a story about my grandfather (father's side). He died in 1955. After that his ghost haunted some of my brothers...calling them...sometimes he pulled their blankets and legs.
The soul thing is just my belief. I cannot prove anything.

What else? I also believe in reincarnation. Can I prove it? Certainly not. I just believe it.

That's my testimony. I hope you like it.


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Anonymous said...

Hi Danny,

I loved your story. We have a lot in common:
- the ADD
- the private school
- the love of math
- the being different
- etc.

I can see that your are "fresh" out of religion. Your beliefs are going to keep changing, steady and surely.

Do not let anyone judge you for what you believe today. Believe whatever you want. It is your right and your privilege.

Take care!

Danny Tuason said...

Thanks, Lorena.

Wow! We are alike!

I am fresh out of religion. Yes!
Change my views? Maybe. I am open minded so if somebody would give me proof of something not consistent with my point of view, I will just change my way of thinking. That's how we learn.

Take care!

Danny Tuason

Telmi said...


You say that you have stopped believing in the Bible God yet are still attending church. If the church is a Christian church [a church that worships the Bible God]then you are not true to yourself. It can be seen as hypocrisy or self-contradiction.

I was a Catholic who has long stopped believing in the Bible God or his so-called son Christ. I think the Bible is all or mainly myth. The Bible God as portrayed can be critiqued as an ass, a spoilt brat that needs spanking. If there is an intelligent designer [why do we restrict to just one?]this designer can in no way be associated with the Bible Ass.

Danny Tuason said...

Hi Telmi!

What can I say?

I go to church but I do not worship the bible god. I just pretend. Why?
Because I live with my mom. She's almost 90 years old. I don't want to give her any devastating news of my deconversion. I love her that much. So I go to church with her. It's all show.

If that's hypocrisy, fine! Then I am a hypocrite.



Steven Bently said...

Hi Danny, great testimony BTW. I think we all understand why you go along with your mom, she's just doing what she's been told all her life what she is supposed to do, isn't that the intended purpose of the the bible, to make people think something that they would not normally think (a belief)? A distraction from reality?

It's probabaly not to late to tell her it's all a lie - No, no just kidding..ha ha

Just tell her that since the invention of the microscope (around the 1600's) we now know that diseases are caused by bacteria, germs and viruses, not evil spirits and demons.

Apparently Jesus never knew this either, God sure was dumb back in those days..ha ha TC, keep in touch with us, ok?

Anonymous said...

The Choosen People is one of the worst aspects of Judaism and Christianity. When I found out about my Pacific Islander background it made me realise that Xianity is European culture borrowed from the Middle East. For 10,000 years my mother's people knew nothing of this Jehovah guy, then some white missionaries turn up and preach the gospel.

Anonymous said...

I am a true oxymoron, african american nonbeleiver. I started out in the church, but my parents alllowed us at an early age to make our own decision about going tochurch and i chose not to. I never believed that the bible made sense, and could never get godd answeres to the contradictions. I am a nurse, so i think logically and virgin births and burning bushes just don't o it for me. I have come to the realization that I am out here alone and that whatever I need or want I have to get it for myself, prayer creates nothing but aching knees.

Anonymous said...

thank u so much for this site. I have spend hours reading it and I am so happy to find that there are others out there who have been "deprogramed." CNN has had a wonderful series this week oin jews, muslims and christians and the though they don't see it, the similarities of theri fanatical thinking were blaring. I now go about my day intend on being kind to other and first doing no harm. I have a sense of peace that I didn't have when I went to church. Unfortunately so many people are stil causght up in this fairy tale called religion. Thanks for this site

Aspentroll said...

I saw CNN Presents last night about the Christian Warriors. I was so disgusted that I nearly puked.
It was worth the watch though because now we know what we are up against.
America is in for big problems if these crazed individuals have their way. I think there will will a mass exodus to Canada if it does. As a Canadian I say welcome.

sillywhispers said...

A majority of people never question the religion they are raised with. Congratulations! I'm glad you could open your eyes. That's a big accomplishment.

I understand your belief in ghosts and can relate as I had an experience that I didn't know what to do with.

When I was about 13, reading in my bed late at night, I heard something outside my window. It scared me, so badly that I could not move. I tried to scream and could not.

Eventually I managed to get out of bed and found I had to fight to keep my feet on the floor as my body wanted to float toward the ceiling. I grabbed for the post of my canopy bed and my hand went through the it. I somehow managed to get to my door, had trouble grabbing the knob (hand kept going through it) and entered the hallway (still fighting to keep from floating to the ceiling), then I looked back at the bed where I saw myself in bed looking back at me.

At that instant I woke up in bed, and ran down the hall and got into bed with my mother.

For a long time I didn't know what to make of this, then I heard of out of body experiences and chalked it up to that. I told a preacher about it and he told me it was the devil.

Then I came to the conclusion it was some kind of hallucination or dream. The mind can do a lot of weird things. My mother has been visited by angels on several occasions, according to her. The first time was when she was quite young and her grandmother pointed the angel out. IMO, that was a shared hallucination -- the power of suggestion and all that.

I can't prove there are no gods. I can't prove there are no ghosts or no souls. IMO though, extraordinary claims like these need better evidence than I've found so far.

Again Congratulations! You've come a long ways baby!

Danny Tuason said...

To everybody,

Thank you for welcoming me here!

To sillywhispers,

I can't prove ghosts or souls exist.
In my case, I couldn't explain the experience my brothers and I shared.
I will just give you some examples.

1. When I was a kid up to when I was 14, we lived with a house with a basketball court. It's barely bigger than a half court. Sometimes at night while my brothers and I are watching TV, we heard somebody huffing while jogging in the basketball court. It annoyed us...sometimes one of my brothers would turn down the volume of the TV set and shouted at it. It stopped...for a while. Then it started again. We just tried to ignore it.

I heard the same huffing noise about 5 feet away from me when I was next to the window of our library (my father built a library (full of different kinds of encyclopedias) in every house we had). I was used to it so I didn't freak out.

2. One time early in the morning (about 6:30 am) I woke up. My eyes were open for about 10 minutes looking at the door. It was closed. The I saw the knob turning and the door opened and nobody was there. I freaked out so I put the blanket to cover my head. What is this? After a while (a long while) I said to myself, I bet somebody was just tricking me. The door lock was made by Yale. From the outside, there is no door knob...only a keyhole. The knob is on the inside. The only way somebody would trick me was if he used a key. So I tried it. I opened the door halfway and locked it. I used the key to open it. It opened it but the knob didn't turn at all. So logically, nobody tricked me. The knob was turned from the inside, not outside. What was it then? To me it can only be a ghost. What else could I think of?

3. In our old house, we had a grandfather clock. Every hour it would chime its usual chime plus it chimed the hour of the day so if it's one o clock pm, it would chime the usual plus 1 chime...2 o'clock - the usual plus 2 chimes and so on ...it chimes so loudly sometimes it wakes you up. Several times it did...

This is freaking unbelievable but sometimes I woke up at midnight. How did I know? It was the grandfather clock. After it's 12th chime, I heard a horse outside in the hallway. I experienced this thing more than a half dozen times in my life. In some nights I didn't even wake up at 12 midnight so it's possible I missed it.
It was not a hallucination. Why do I know? Because one time one of my nieces slept in my room and she also woke up at 12 midnight and heard the same thing. We both experienced it at the same time.

4. Now this is hearsay. One of our maids woke up at night and went downstairs. She saw a white ghost downstairs.

There are more than these examples...but I won't want to write a comment that's too long and bore you.

Anyway, even then I cannot prove ghosts or souls exist. So think and believe whatever you want.


Danny Tuason

Danny Tuason said...

One more thing!

My brothers and I couldn't scientifically explain our past experiences. Just before we moved out of that house, we found out that land that the house was built on was a site of an old cemetery - during the Spanish era (the Philippines was under the Spanish rule for about 350 years). That would surely explain the ghosts...or so we thought.

Now? I still don't know.

Danny Tuason

boomSLANG said...

Now? I still don't know.

I may be misunderstanding, but it sounds like you do know.

In any event, I can't for the life of me figure out why conscious dead people always seem to have a problem when the living build things over their resting spots---as if they would otherwise be "okay" with the fact that they are in a 3 X 7 box with nothing but "dirt" over them. 'Seems funny(in an unbelievable way).

Danny Tuason said...

When I said I don't know what I meant was...

although I think that ghosts exist because of my past experience, some person might still come up with a logical scientific explanation of what happened to me and my brothers.
Until that day comes, I am still inclined to believe in ghosts.

Danny Tuason

Anonymous said...


I don't know about ghosts either. I come from a culture where many people claim to see them. Though I've never seen one myself.

However, I believe that, perhaps, one day science will explain the apparitions you and others have experienced.

I do not believe that the existence of ghosts proves that there is a god. It may hint to the existence of another civilization, but NOT to the existence of a unique, all-powerful, person-like god.

Or perhaps it proves that when people die they leave some sort of energy behind.

Who knows. I've never seen a ghost. So, until I see one, I will have a foot in the disbelievers camp. The other foot is in the camp of intelligent people like you who say to have seen one. I don't feel I have the right to deny your experience.

Take care!

Anonymous said...

Welcome aboard Danny,

Short of going back in time to be a fly-on-your-wall during these 'ghostly' events you sight,
we have no true means to find the specific cause of your past 'oddities'.
However, let's see what a little reason might offer us here.

Danny said:
"Sometimes at night while my brothers and I are watching TV, we heard somebody huffing while jogging in the basketball court"
"I heard the same huffing noise about 5 feet away from me when I was next to the window of our library"

Now I could go into the 'sad' lack of proof that we have for earth-roaming spirit beings to explain this example you sight, but I don't think we need to for this event.

If we assume such spirit beings are real, and we also assume they roam the earth, and that one really was in your vicinity, that leaves us with trying to explain why a spirit being would be 'huffing', or even could, if it desired to do so.

Unless we come up with a new general assumption of what spirit beings are, then why would a spirit being need to breath air, let alone get 'winded' and be huffing.
I think we can safely assume a spirit being would no longer have lungs, as they surely wouldn't need them, so a spirit would have a problem using non-existent lungs to 'huff' air.
Even if one could make the sound of huffing, you have to wonder what purpose it would serve for this spirit to be pretending to be huffing, and yet at the same time, offer nothing else to reveal it's presence to you.

If you believe it was the spirit of some dead person who use to play basketball on that court and was driven to repeat that playing in a frequent manner, then again, why would it give off material earthly human huffing sounds of air moving in and out from it's spirit body.

I can also add that sometimes sounds are difficult to determine the origin of.
Their direction and distance can sometimes be very deceiving, much the same way our eye's have a problem determining distance of far away objects.

So no Danny, I can't totally prove to you that it wasn't a ghost you heard, but if it was, it sure was one very unique type of ghost and needs to find it's way into the ghost-record books.

"One time early in the morning (about 6:30 am) I woke up. My eyes were open for about 10 minutes looking at the door. It was closed. The I saw the knob turning and the door opened and nobody was there"

Danny, you already state you had been asleep in this instance.
I will tell you that a sleeping brain can do some pretty crazy stunts to us.

There are so many folks who swear they were abducted by aliens when they were sleeping.
They speak of their body's being frozen; unable to fight back, and they are certain they were awake the whole time of the abduction.
I've had strange personal experiences myself while sleeping, that when I finally awoke (for real), I had been sure the dreamed events actually had taken place. It's all too common.

I can't tell from your story if you went back to sleep or got up right away to play with the door knob?
Was the door open when you got up from bed?

In any case, you have to ask yourself why a spirit being would have a need to open a door, to go into your room?
If the spirit was just trying to draw your attention, then why did it stop with just the knob trick?
Why not start throwing objects around the room to really scare the dickens out of you.

Do you see the possible fallacy in this ghost event?

"After it's 12th chime, I heard a horse outside in the hallway"

Okay Danny, now we have the horse in your hallway.

Was it a really large hallway that a horse could fit in?
Could it have reached the hallway from outside?
Would it have to had climbed up stairs, because horses can claim stairs; as was known by fire fighters in the old days, and hence, they made spiral staircases for just this reason.
However, I believe horses can NOT go down stairs(?), so how did the horse leave then?

I'm guessing here that you probably believe the horse had a spirit rider upon it?
I'm also assuming that you believe the horse wasn't flesh and blood, but also a spirit being.
If not, then I'm sure you would have found evidence that a real horse had found it's way into your home and hallway.
So I think we can assume it must not be a flesh and blood horse, yes?

So, now we have to assume that a spirit horse has vocal cords that can vibrate air molecules in order to generate sound.....Similar problem to the huffing ghost before.

There is one more huge assumption we also have to make here as well.
Obviously it must have been a spirit horse. That would mean that horses (and other animals?) are made with a 'soul' like the bible claims humans are.
So now we have another huge leap of faith, in that we now have to assume all dead horses turn into spirits and some can even roam the earth instead of going to horse-heaven (or horse-hell for the really bad horses).
If one believes the bible (or many other similar religions), then why doesn't anyone talk about animals/horses having souls to.

We sure would hear a million stories about pet dogs and cats haunting their owners after dying, but how many do we hear really?

Isn't it more likely you and your niece heard something that sounded like a horse, or if you lived where horses also reside; that the horse wasn't in your hallway, but somewhere outside and you just assumed it was in your hallway?

"Now this is hearsay. One of our maids woke up at night and went downstairs. She saw a white ghost downstairs"

A white ghost you say?
Are you sure she hadn't been watching re-runs of Casper the Friendly Ghost?

You do realize that folks tend to 'see' what they have been taught via stories and the media, to expect?

If this ghost was 'white', then unless ghosts come in a variety of colors, we would then assume that all ghost must be white in color.
From all the ghost stories I've read, spanning hundreds of years, they really aren't consistent about the color of ghost or even their clothing/attire.
Now if a ghost can indeed make itself visible to human eye's, then why don't they do so far far more often than we know about.

If the forces-that-be, permit ghost to show themselves to humans, and the one's who do show themselves, have some reason to do so; then why is it so rare and why don't such ghost communicate with us with some knowledge that is beyond human capability.
They are sorely lacking in this communication area to us!!!

But, like you said, it was hearsay in this case.

I would love for someone to show me a real ghost, but even that ghost-hunters TV show has yet to show me something believable about real ghost roaming the earth.
The hunters have one heck of an imagination and nothing more!!

"Just before we moved out of that house, we found out that land that the house was built on was a site of an old cemetery - during the Spanish era (the Philippines was under the Spanish rule for about 350 years"


So did they bury horses in this old cemetery, along with people?

Now I don't know how old this cemetery was, but you have to ask yourself why a ghost would be haunting the grounds of this old cemetery for eons of time.
If this is true of spirits, then wouldn't every cemetery be flooded with roaming spirits, some of which would be scaring the living on a daily basis, all over our world.
If there is a god, a heaven and hell, why would one spirit of all humans that died in that area, get stuck for all that time on the grounds of a cemetery.

Even if god is fallible and somehow failed to notice this stray spirit, why would a spirit chose to haunt the place where it was buried, rather than some place it knew well when it was alive as a human. Most of us don't really die *IN* cemeteries, do we?
If such a ghost could exists, why wouldn't it move to some place more familiar.
You didn't say this ghost died in your home, so why did it have a fondness for your home and not every home in the neighborhood?

Like I said, I can't disprove these supernatural events you speak about, but then, I know of no one who has proved such events to be real either.

Just like Aliens and their UFO's, Bigfoot and the Lock-Ness Monster, we never can capture real evidence that would satisfy a skeptic, but there is always enough evidence to sway the believers.

Sounds a lot like Christiantiy, doesn't it [grin]


boomSLANG said...

Good grief, I was too slow...

Dear Danny,

Let there be no mistake in understanding---I am in no way, shape, or form, suggesting that your experience was not real to you.

Now that that's out of the way---I'm saying that if events occur in a natural/physical universe---events that are detectable with the natural/physical senses---then there is more than likely a natural explanation, as opposed to a supernatural explanation...even if that means natural "phenomenon" we've yet to discover. In any event, as it stands, there's currently no evidence for post-mortem "life", despite the gobs of anecdotal claims of people seeing ghosts.

'Hope we're good on this stuff now.


Anonymous said...


I am in no way going to state that spirits are real, but I feel compelled to say something, with all due respect, of course.

You keep asking, why would a spirit do this or that?

I have to say that I wonder so about a lot of things alive people do. I am certainly not qualified to interpret the motives of a spirit.

Pretending to know what a "spirit" should or should not do or why is a bit pretentious, don't you think?

I believe that telling a person that what they saw was a delusion or a dream, when the experience was real to them, is patronizing.

Isn't it a lot more honest to say that we don't know?

I have no idea why people see things and what it is that they see. For me, it's a lot more honest to accept they had the experience and to throw it into the real of the unknown or unexplainable.

The explanation of "why would a spirit do that," surely doesn't pan out with me. Actually no explanation does, because I don't think there is any.


sillywhispers said...

Dear Danny,

Thanks for sharing all that with me. I'd like to help you sort those experiences out. If you are game for it.

I saw an article on about.com talking about making a log of incidences as they happen and writing it as objectively as possible -- like you were writing observations in a science experiment. They also recommended tape recording sounds, setting up motion detector video, and asking neighbors to listen to noises to see what they make of them, without giving them a clue you suspect anything paranormal.

They offered that noises and doors opening can be the house settling, plumbing or even vermin. Perhaps you can completely rule out these possibilites, I don't know.

I once heard an argument by a scientist about why ghosts were impossible, but I can't remember it. Wish I could because it was so elequent. Atheist toothfairy's comments sounded like they were beating around that bush.

It had to do with ghosts not having substance and interatcing with the physical world and what brainwaves were among other things.

Whatever. Anyway, if you want to talk about it somemore, just give a hollar.

You might find the Amazing Randi
or the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry http://www.csicop.org/ of some interest. I think they are wonderful resources and quite entertaining.

Take Care, and I'm still real happy for you.

Danny Tuason said...

Dear Sillywhispers,

Sorry I cannot be game for it.

Why? I will tell you.

My past experiences were about 35 to 40 years ago in a house we sold in 1974. Somebody owns that house now.
Recently some of my brothers brought up the idea of buying that house again and build a new house there. The purpose was to "relive our memories" there. Although we had "ghost" stories there, we had lots of happy memories from that house. Up to this day, nobody has acted on that proposal.

I swear that my experiences are true. I am willing to undergo a lie detector test for it. But even then, that will not prove anything.
Because even then, I cannot prove 100% without doubt that those were ghosts that I experienced.

And...the house that we moved to in 1974...there was not a single ghost experience. We left that house in 1976 and moved to a new one. Then later in 1986 we migrated to the United States. We lived in 2 houses here, one in Pennsylvania, and one in California. No ghost stories in either one.


Danny Tuason

To atheisttoothfairy,

Thanks for trying to explain my past experiences in a different light. Yes, it is possible what I experienced were not ghosts. I am still waiting for a scientific explanation for what happened to me and my brothers.

I just want to clarify some things.

The huffing was real...and nobody was there...we can see the basketball court...nothing was there...it's possible maybe that we
had all mistaken the direction of the sound...I doubt it...I have sensitive ears...I know where the sound came from and nobody was there...

especially in the library...the sound was like next to me...outside the window and nobody was there...I bet if you experienced it yourself the hair in your arms would raise up.

the morning I woke up and I saw the knob turning...I wasn't asleep...as I said I woke up...for 10 minutes I was looking at the door...nothing happened at first...then the knob turned...and the door opened...nobody was there...if there was a magician there, I would just say "hey that's a good magic trick!"...but there was no magician...and there was no trick...

The horse...our hallway was big...a horse can fit there...a horse can even fit our staircase...but no I didn't see a horse...
I heard it...my niece heard it...
I don't think I was mistaken about the direction of the sound...
my neighborhood...nobody owns horses...we just had cars, no horses...and this is the uncanny part...in every experience I had of this horse...1. the sound started exactly after the 12th chime of the grandfather clock...and...
2. the sound effects were exactly the same...the horse clippety clop then the horse neighed...it was like a recording of an event...over and over again...that's exactly what it was...

About our maid...that's hearsay...it's not my experience...so let's not even discuss it. Let's just assume she lied. Case closed for that part.

I really expected that people will be skeptical of my experiences. Why? It really sounds unbelievable. If it didn't happen to me and somebody told me the same exact story, I myself would be skeptical. I would really grill that person.

When I did my testimony, I just laid out as much of my experience as possible. I wasn't trying to convince people to believe what I believe. Especially the ghost part. That's why I put in "so think and believe whatever you want".


Danny Tuason

sillywhispers said...

Thanks for responding. I hope I didn't in anyway offend. You don't need to take a lie detector test for me to believe you.

I did believe those were your experiences, exactly as you interpreted them. I just can't buy that ghosts are real, and so I question your interpretation.

Yes, I was thinking when I posted that my reply wasn't going to be much help as you weren't living in the same house you grew up in. I knew that. Sorry.

I guess I'm a bit enthusiastic about my lack of beliefs. :)

Be well, Silly

Danny Tuason said...

To sillywhispers,

You didn't offend me. Actually noone did. Not even atheisttoothfairy. Like I said, I expected people to be skeptical. If those experiences I had didn't happen to me and somebody else just popped up and said that he had those experiences, I would be skeptical too.

So there was no offense taken.


Danny Tuason

Anonymous said...

Hello Danny,

Your story and testimony is hit home for me. I experienced very similar experiences at different times in my life. My wife nd I were both raised Catholics and I questioned everything, very logical as well. One day I happened upon this website www.catholic.com that answered lot of my questions, maybe it might help you too...I truly believe answers exist for everything we just need to look and/or ask.



Danny Tuason said...

Dear Erich,

Thanks for your concern, but...

I find the answers on www.catholic.com based on fiction and politics (Council of Nicea).

There's no going back to Christianity for me. It's about social control and the collection of money from gullible blind people.


Danny Tuason said...

Dear Erich,

For answers to your questions, why don't you visit


It will do you wonders.


freethinker05 said...

Danny, I think you just hit the head right on the MARC!!!
Peace, Roger A/A

Anonymous said...

hey Danny,
I read your testimony and was curious why you do belive in reincarnation? it doesn't seem consistent with everything else you're saying.


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