Cartoon-character Gods, prophets, saints and virgins

Sent in by Julie W

I can still pinpoint the exact time and date that I turned my back, forever, on any form of organized religion, whether it be Christianity, or any other. I often wonder if there are any others out there who experienced the same life-changing force, as I did, on 9/11, when I witnessed what humans will do to each other ‘in the name of God.’

That brisk morning in Colorado, happened to be my daughter’s first day of kindergarten at Coal Creek Elementary School in Louisville. It was an exciting morning and she had dressed herself proudly, choosing to wear a new outfit purchased just for that first day. I had turned on the usual morning show on TV, so I could catch up on the overnight news as I fixed her breakfast. As the TV warmed up, the screen remained black at first while voices of panic and disbelief screamed from the television reporter and news anchor. I rushed over to the TV and witnessed the horror, while my daughter walked over to me and slid her hand inside mine, instinctively knowing that something was wrong. I stood in front of the screen, connected forever to my daughter as our hands held tightly, and we watched on live TV as the 2nd plane smashed into the WTC tower and I heard myself say quietly under my breath, ‘that was not an accident.’ I knew at that moment that I was watching hundreds of souls perish, as my daughter also watched in horror. It was that day, at that moment, that changed me forever.

As the days and weeks slowly passed during that monumental time for our country, we all learned the names of the terrorists, learned about their own faith, their cause, their leader and that their horrific act was carried out with the blessing of many others who also followed their particular religion. For several weeks, I struggled with my own internal religious belief system and could not see the difference between a Muslim extremist and a Christian extremist, both factions killing innocents, harming children, destroying our world, in the name of their God.

At first, I became enraged with religion, hating and mocking its very existence. I had been raised as a Presbyterian and had never followed any ridged dogma or rituals, whether it was baptism, regular church attendance, Bible reading, etc. However, I had always believed in God, of a higher presence, but never the cartoon-character of ‘an old man sitting in the clouds, thumping us all on our heads if we strayed’ type of being. And I believed that Jesus was a good teacher, a prophet like Buddha or Mohammed who instilled love and kindness in others. I had even believed that, yes, he could possibly be supernatural, immaculately conceived and possibly raised after death. I believed these things because I never had a reason to question my beliefs. But now, after the horror of 9/11, and religion being the forefront of this event, I was instinctively forced to look inward and define my beliefs, not only for myself, but for my children as well. I did not want anyone, or any religious group, to take my children down a road, that I would not follow myself.

That was many years ago and that horrific event galvanized my core forever. There is no going back to organized religion, for me, and I feel utterly free and strong in my own belief. And I believe strongly that we do not need to send our beautiful, innocent children, to church, in order to raise them to be moral people. On the contrary, I believe that raising our children, free of the guilt-ridden church environment filled with cartoon-character Gods, prophets, saints and virgins, will enable us, as parents, to grow mentally-strong, and independently-minded young people, who will help to change our world for the better.

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freethinker05 said...

Dear Julie, great testimonial;But for me, 9/11 didn't really have any effect on my religious beliefs. Even though i wasn't attending church as much as I had in the past, I still hung on to my belief in god. It wasn't until the next yr.(04/11/2002) that lead me into (doubts) of a caring god. That's the day my youngest daughter was shot and crippled by her live-in boyfriend.Due to the pain and suffering she was induring, caused me to question the existence of a loving and caring god, but it still took me a few more yrs. to accept the non-existence of biblegod. I still held out hope that he would at least stop my daughter's unbareable pain. A few yrs. back I was fooling around on the internet, and decided to type in something like, "god doesn't exist"; searching if there were anyone out there who had any words to say on the subject; and low and behold, I found all the imformation I needed to conclude in the non-existence of biblegod, and the rest has been history. Peace, Roger, A/A

Anonymous said...

Don't blame God for things that people do. Even those who claim to be His presumed followers. If you know what the Bible says about God and who He says He is and what He calls human beings to than you'd know that He hates when those things happen. He is SO angry with people who do those things. They WILL be punished in due time. Anyone who disobeys His commandments (the Ten Commandments) will be. Whether they've murdered or hurt people, or commited adultary (or as Jesus said even looked at someone with lust, that's adultary in the heart). He even goes so far as to punish those who've lied or stolen. He's VERY serious about those things and He'll hold every one of them accountable. Not only will He hold them accountable, since the've rebelled against Him so much, He'll pour out His wrath on them and the only way to escape it is to REPENT (by turning away from those things, to stop doing them) and to place your trust and faith in Jesus.

Anonymous said...

Ignore Robisme, he is just another biblebot troll who can't begin to see the internal contradictions in his own letter. He represents the very worst of the fundamentalist mind set, which can't even begin to recognize the ridiculousness beliefs in an all-loving, yet angry god. This is the same god who lies, is deceitful, who murders capriciously, who claims to be jealous, etc. He sees nothing wrong with a god who punishes, when there is everything wrong with such a concept. But he is so brainwashed, he would never even see it. There is no debating such blind worshipful ignorance, don't even waste your time trying.

Kyan said...

"He is SO angry with people who do those things."


How would you know? You know god's mind, do you? That's really arrogant of you. If you actually took the time to read your bible, you would find that death is one of god's HALLMARKS. He seems to hate people quite vehemently, based on how many he's killed.

I think if your god exists he'd be pretty annoyed that you are speaking for him. You might think about that before you open your mouth again.

Rich said...

I call myself an anti-theist. This is a step up from atheist which, like you, I became on 9/11. Before then I was a humanist and able to go along with believers under the old gentlemens agreement to live and let live where religion was concerned. In October 2001 I attended an atheist sponsored memorial service in Golden Gate Park (San Francisco). I had expected to see thousands of people there. Need I tell you this was not the case. I made up my mind driving back to Silicon Valley that I was going to be an out atheist from that day forward. I lost some friends and family members, but I gained new ones that think like I do and a whole lot of self respect. As I learned more about atheism I actually became more militant. That's why I identify now as an anti-theist. Me and Christopher Hitchens are fellow travelers.

Anonymous said...

Robimse wrote:
"... He is SO angry with people who do those things. They WILL be punished in due time..... He even goes so far as to punish those who've lied or stolen..... He'll pour out His wrath on them and the only way to escape it is to REPENT (by turning away from those things, to stop doing them) and to place your trust and faith in Jesus."

So Robimse (and all who believe this...stuff),

Let's see if I understand what you're saying here.

God's Wrath.....

1. If someone steals something, or someone tells a lie (do white lies count?), and they have NOT repented to your jesus by the time they die, then in your outlook this person who told ONE lie or stole ONE piece of bubble gum, is surely going to see your god's wrath and is destined to burn in hell, correct?
Oooooooooookay then.

God's forgiveness .......

2. We have a terrorist who sets off a bomb that kills a thousand innocent people before his eye's, but just before the police shoot him to death he quickly repents and places his faith in your jesus. Thus, this man will naturally avoid god's wrath and instead be rewarded in heaven, side by side with all the 'good' folks who he was responsible for just killing with his bomb.

Is this really the god you are promoting here?
Can you really believe this BS and at the same time, still tell us that your god is a fair and loving god?

Do you not see that for you to accept such 'unfair' judgements as truth, that you not only have imprisoned your own mind to this inhumane form of thinking, but to hold onto such ridiculous beliefs yourself, will eventually turn your mind into the very evil thing that you believe the devil to be.

How is it possible that we 'evil and sinful' humans are a thousand times more humane with our evil-doers than your loving god shows himself to be?

How is it that most humans don't have a huge need for groveling worshippers at our feet, yet your all-powerful god has such an inherent WEAKNESS. Then, if he doesn't receive this worship, will hand out the most painful eternal punishment he can muster up.

Open your eye's and think about the plausibility of this scenario you're claiming to be true !!!!
Isn't it obvious this sort of thing is no more possible than the fairy tales you read as a child.



freethinker05 said...

Dear Robimse, your right, I shouldn't blame god for what people do, (and I try not to anymore), seeing that this god of yours does not exist; and as for the man-made bible, its full of bullshit too. Like i've said in some of my comments in the past, and even in this thread; my disbelief didnt suddenly take place due too what had happened too my kid; It was due to extensive searching and many,many hours of studying about the buybull and its god; Thank you very much for reminding me not to blame your god, because, I still slip up sometimes and waste my breath cursing the ceiling. Thanks, your a true friend.....Yours truly, Roger

Anonymous said...

The "buybull," I love that.

Anonymous said...

9-11 is merely a demonstration of racial hatred, thinly veiled as Jihad. If you buy a copy of “Disciples of Destruction” by Charles Sutherland you will be privy to how religion and politics were intertwined in that region. Christians forged the first holy war. The Crusades were far more savage and indiscriminate about whom they slaughtered than all the Islamic incidents put together.

There are plenty of better reasons to walk away from organized religions.

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