Wish me luck

Sent in by Roger W

Right now I am in the middle of my deconversion. It all started when I began a critical study of Matthew 24 and the word "generation."

After hours of study, I began to realize that Jesus meant to return in the first century. There is NO other way to look at it. I started bringing this up with my preacher brother and missionary sister and my mother(the holiest of holies in the family). I even had the audacity to say that I didn't think the great flood happened or that Balaam ever got in an argument with his ass. Maybe,just maybe a parrot. But an ASS? No way.

All HELL broke loose. How dare I question such things. Ex-Christians have pointed out to me that most believers hardly ever even read the Bible. They use misdirection and rely on beliefs that they were taught from childhood.

I am currently doing a critical study of the entire Bible. If this turns me into a heathen,so be it. I never felt comfortable as a Christian, and doubts about my beliefs continually bugged me to the point of insanity. I do enjoy the fact that I don't have to suspend common sense and logic anymore. I will no more go on blind dumbass faith to believe something.

Wish me luck.

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Anonymous said...

I certainly wish you the best. I have been an ex-christian now for about 4 months. It's amazing in that in the past four months the amount of things I can see now after having been so blinded by my ''christian'' colored glasses. Mentally and emotionally I feel like the Empire State building was removed off of my back. It's like I can actually breath now. Well, more like I can actually think now.

Welcome to the real world.- Morpheus

ComputerGuyCJ said...

Good luck!

DUG853 said...

"Break-a-leg" Roger-! :-)

Anonymous said...

I'll wish you luck Roger but you don't need it. You have opened your Bible and began to read it. Ooops! Now you have done it. You have gone and started thinking for yourself. Just like Neo in the Matrix. Welcome my Wise brother.

Steven Bently said...

Just imagine how hot a lit match is or a burning candle, now we have this God that can suspend a ball of boiling fire 15,000 deg. or more that can burn for millions of years from within it's own energy, and the Earth uses less than 1% of this Suns's energy, and this God is concerned about what we on Earth belive, if we do not believe in Jesus, then he will send us to hell, nice God eh?

Then there are people on the other side of the Earth, and some may believe in Buddha or some may have never heard of Jesus, yet they are still destined for hell.

If I were a God, I would be more concerned about keeping the flames going in the Sun and keeping the planets and galaxies aligned.

It's so obvious that the Bible God is plainly the invention of men to coerce and bilk people out of their hard earned money by fraud and fear, I want to see an end to the fraud of all religions.

Anonymous said...

" I am currently doing a critical study of the entire Bible. If this turns me into a heathen,so be it."

You are too smart to remain a Christian. I won't wish you good luck because you don't need it. You are doing really well already.

It was OK for people 2000 years ago to believe that some ghost was going to comeback, but today in the 21st century, we know better than that, as exemplified by the critical thinking you are using to read the Bible.

Anonymous said...

I remember my first conversations with my family/Christian friends about deconversion. It cause a lot of trust and pain for them. From their perspective, their son was going to be burning in hell. But I couldn't continue living a lie just to make other people live happily in their delusion.

Good Luck!

Nvrgoingbk said...

You should have no problem with your deconversion; in fact, I am quite confident that the book of Genesis will be all you need to lead you right out of the ridiculous fog you've been living in for too long.

Let's see shall we...Genesis includes the entertaining stories of Adam and Eve and their talking snake, Abraham and his codependent love for God, Lot and his incestuous daughters, Noah, his boat, his alcohol and one very inconsiderate son, a bunch of patriarchs who lived to be 900 years old, Isaacs very hairy arms and a hunger so intense he chooses to give up his birthright for it, and an introduction to the life of Moses, a muderer with a stutter, a staff, and a burning bush.

Yep, these fantastic stories should be all that's necessary to turn the faith of your youth into a hilarious Grimm tale.

Anonymous said...

Good Luck!

I have the same experience as well. It was not from friends that I deconverted, but because I read the bible seriously and found that most of it does not make sense to me. I was lucky to find the skeptics annointed bible and this site that boost my deconversion process.

Tim said...

That's Sketic's ANNOTATED Bible.

Same here. I had a few doubts, read the BuyBull all the way through (after 11 years of Christianity) and logged my gripes on my PC. The best way to become an ex-Christian is to start reading the Bible from Genesis w/o skipping (well, skip Numbers hehehehehhehe). I guarantee it!


Telmi said...

All the best, Roger.

Once you have finished reading the Bible and then opt to deconvert, that shouldn't come as a surprise. Some people have found the Bible revolting, brimming with acts of evil and immorality initiated by none other than the Bible God himself, and they have deconverted as a result. I was one of them.

sailerfraud said...

I wouldn't say "good luck", because luck is a superstitious, random occurence. Truth is eternal, so Roger, may the truth be with you.

You'll find that Christianity, as well as every other religion, is based on astrology evolved thousands of years ago.

Check this video out

The word generation, or age, probably refers to the next zodiac sign. I think it means an entire solar year.

Anyway, you'll see that the Bible makes frequent references to nature and astrological signs.

Bob said...

Great testimonial.....I have been religion free for over 56 years and never once ever looked back....

Anonymous said...

Hey Roger:

I certainly hope all this “religious stuff” works out for you. Most of all, I hope you don’t lose your family as many have, although the Bible does say that Jesus came “to divide” (Luke 12:51-53).

In my experience, serious Bible Study actually led to my “non-Christian” state. To me and millions, the “God of the Bible” is a pretty vile character – very man-like and seriously inept when it comes to controlling evil and disasters.

Also, the Biblical God and the teachings of the Christian faith are VERY complicated and difficult to understand. Why would an All-Knowing, All-Loving, All-Powerful God do this to his hapless subjects, especially if this understanding is so crucial to their eternity? If there is a God, the Biblical depiction of he/she/it can not be correct!

Whatever you decide about God, don’t give up your dreams! This is probably the only life you are going to get and you don’t want to spend it on the sidelines! Welcome!

Andrew Hawkins said...

Hi Roger,

You don’t need any luck. It sounds like you’re already there. I have heard that the bible itself holds the greatest argument for atheism. It’s as good a place as any to start. Personally I would recommend looking forward and not back and therefore look to science. Read the Blind Watchmaker by Richard Dawkins.

I like your remark about how Matthew 24 indicates that Jesus should have returned much longer ago. Here’s a funny aside from your studies: read about John Frum on the Internet. John Frum is basically a messiah for people in the Vanuatu Islands. They are waiting for John Frum to return and if you question a local about their beliefs, they will most likely reply that you have been waiting for your messiah to return for over 2000 years – while they have been waiting for only 70.

Anonymous said...

Roger W,
When you get to the point where you have been bold enough, for long enough, you will see the Bible and Christianity for exactly what it is. Just one of many attempts by men to explain their existence.

When you have read enough here and elsewhere, the thought of taking the principle concepts of the Bible seriously will be replaced by an "almost boredom" when you examine them under the light of reason.

They will eventually loose their power to frighten you, and even though you will loose you membership in the cult, you will be able to look at those you left behind, and are still being controlled by it, with sympathy.

You will be able to think freely, and live life boldly and enjoy it. It's not so bad to say: "I don't know why I'm here, and I don't know what will happen when I die, but I do know the answer ain't in the bible."

Now in the year 2007 Almost everything in the Bible has been found to be either simply wrong, or has been explained better by scientific inquiry.

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

I wish you all the luck in the world for I have been there also. This is the place to come for support. Ted

Anonymous said...

I would like to add my congrats and say welcome to you Roger W. There are many good books and sites that will be good help to you in your search for the truth. Use them and don't be afraid. Once religion is flushed from your life, you will be complete. Jim Earl

Joe B said...


It may be a little off the theological track, but one of the books that was instrumental in my deconversion was 1-Dimensional Man by Herbert Marcuse.

His subject is information dominance in post-industrial society. The main thesis is that people are by nature two-dimensional. We have within us a complex set of desires and interests that fuel our individuality. However, we are also social beings. We live and work in groups and the interests of the group also exert an influence on us. The natural tension between those two dimensions is therefore a natural and healthy state of affairs. The problem Marcuse observed was that, in post-industrial society, the individual is sacrificed to the collective through overwhelming information dominance on the part of the latter.

Reading that as a deconverting xian, I realized that this is also an apt description of the church. I realized that my reason and personal observation of the world were parts of my inner dimension that the church had devalued and sought to obliterate in the interest of it's own view.

Contrary to the xian propaganda, leaving the church's control is not an act of wicked selfishness. It is rather a return to balance. I have not become a scoundrel or thief. My sense of the social consequences of my actions remains. What has been restored is the healthy balance of respect for my own imagination, intellect and creativity.

The departure from xianity opens the door to a balanced existence. I do indeed wish you luck and wisdom as you rediscover the worth and dignity of Roger W.


Anonymous said...

Dano wrote:
Now in the year 2007 Almost everything in the Bible has been found to be either simply wrong, or has been explained better by scientific inquiry.

Now only if we could find a way to get that message to the general cretin population.

Jim Earl

DUG853 said...

That's a fact, 'someday',.....

Dano wrote:
Now in the year 2007 Almost everything in the Bible has been found to be either simply wrong, or has been explained better by scientific inquiry.

Now only if we could find a way to get that message to the general cretin population.

Jim Earl

Anonymous said...

Good luck!

Stanz3x said...




GO DO YOUR "critical study" but i tell you one day when you Die ... you will regret it all

Stanz3x said...

as for the generation Roger you are part of that Generation Jesus was talking about a generation that seeks for sighs and wonders ... oh and by the way scientist found proof of a great flood and the Noah's Ark so don't be stupid to even doubt that also ...

Joe B said...

God's Child, the name of Jesus has no power, except to people that imagine he exists. For them it has the power to make them believe absurdities. There are no mystical healings and there will be no after life (at least not as you imagine).

No God, no eternal punishment for all the 10s of billions of people who are proselytized in other "mighty names."

eel_shepherd said...

Roger wrote:
"...I didn't think the great flood happened or that Balaam ever got in an argument with his ass..."
Maybe it was a hole in the ground; no point in asking a Xtian.

The following comment is the one I was going to make before I even started reading any of the others' comments in this thread, which only confirm it.

I had a teacher in highschool who said that people have to hear a fact 37 times before it sinks in. Well, I think he just pulled that number out of a hat somewhere; but I do think that you have to hear something a number of times before it meta-sinks-in. That is, that not only has the fact become part of your knowledge, but the _fact_ that it has become part of your knowledge has _also_ become part of your knowledge. About three weeks ago, when I was thinking of what line of reason eventually persuaded the majority of Xtians to leave the cult, it finally registered on me just how many of the members here de-converted when they finally went and seriously JUST READ THE BIBLE[!]. No way would that have been my recommendation to someone; but I must accept what I read. Evidently, coming from that community, and having doubts, the person will be differently affected by what s/he reads than I would have been. (I must point out here that I've never been a Christian. But they let me stick around anyway. Must be fellow eel lovers.)

So you have, one way or another, hit upon a time-honoured exit path from the cult. I too expect this to be a speedy and enduring move to self-knowledge for you, and agree that you don't need good luck wishes from anyone.

eel_shepherd said...

God's Child wrote (without punctuation, which is for sinners):
"...as for the generation Roger you are part of that Generation Jesus was talking about a generation that seeks for sighs and wonders..."

This is a mis-translation, G.C.; the original text referred to "a generation that sighs and wonders about Sikhs". How many crackers from the bible belt have been led astray by that one over the years, we may never know.

A question for you, God's Non-begotten Child: Do you believe that the Sun remained stationary in the sky so that the combatants of the winning side of the siege of a town could gain their victory before nightfall, as reported in your one and only textbook, the bible?

ComputerGuyCJ said...

Ahahahaha! I just found my new belief! To quote God's Child:


I'm going to go find and worship this "God Witch" now!

God's Child, when your brain matures, and you can tell the difference between "which" and "witch", I'm sure you'll also be able to see the insanity of your own post.

Stanz3x said...

God Bless You All ... may your mind be opened from you narrow thinking that there isnt nothing ahead of us that there isnt a reason why were all here on earth ... WHAT THE BIBLE SAYS IS WHAT THE BIBLE SAYS ... remember its never a question "is the Bible mistranslated, ... its the question did you misunderstand it?

Astreja said...


Precisely, sir or madam.

The Bible says that my gay neighbours across the back alley should be put to death.

The Bible says that the god of the Bible ordered the extermination of the entire Amakelite people.

The Bible says that the god of the Bible once flooded the planet and killed virtually everything. Including, I presume, all but two of the cats then in existence. (Never mind that, at the time this supposed flood happened, the Sumerians were busy inventing beer and the Egyptians were so busy building architectural marvels that they didn't even notice they were underwater.) Nonetheless -- A god that would deliberately kill cats is no friend of mine.

The Bible is a piece of steaming crap, and people who call it a "good book" are sadly mistaken.

Anonymous said...

Being an ex-christian has helped me accept myself and stop worrying about guilt and shame for my inablility to follow God perfectly. I also allowed myself to actually love people with honesty. I no longer feel the need to "speak the truth in love" or say, "I'm praying for you". I just respect people for where they are in life or I don't if they are harming others. Either way I find myself to be more authentic then I ever was as a christian.

Anonymous said...

I owe my de-conversion to atheism to three factors:

1. my intelligence

2. my Biblical literacy

3. my encounters with fundamentalists

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