Wish me luck

Sent in by Roger W

Right now I am in the middle of my deconversion. It all started when I began a critical study of Matthew 24 and the word "generation."

After hours of study, I began to realize that Jesus meant to return in the first century. There is NO other way to look at it. I started bringing this up with my preacher brother and missionary sister and my mother(the holiest of holies in the family). I even had the audacity to say that I didn't think the great flood happened or that Balaam ever got in an argument with his ass. Maybe,just maybe a parrot. But an ASS? No way.

All HELL broke loose. How dare I question such things. Ex-Christians have pointed out to me that most believers hardly ever even read the Bible. They use misdirection and rely on beliefs that they were taught from childhood.

I am currently doing a critical study of the entire Bible. If this turns me into a heathen,so be it. I never felt comfortable as a Christian, and doubts about my beliefs continually bugged me to the point of insanity. I do enjoy the fact that I don't have to suspend common sense and logic anymore. I will no more go on blind dumbass faith to believe something.

Wish me luck.

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