On the way out

sent in by J.S.

I have to say I made peace with my past, at this point. I was very angry with feelings of being deceived for the longest time. But now, I think I have come to believe error is truly human. And a genuine spirituality can and does exist. However, most people are not ready for that. And so, the masses tend to need a more directive, nurturing, organized, and infantile means of attaining partial spiritual awareness (ironically, a reality acknowledged by philosophical Hinduism).

By genuine spirituality I mean a non-theistic belief in transcendant value (though to be sure, I hold to some minimalist notion of a naturalistic "god," the Tao or essential nature, present throughout the cosmos). A belief that certain values and principles beyond our moment to moment existence should guide our lives. Thus for me, it is important to leave the world better than I found it, making a better for future generations. Thus, political activity, charitable work, and providing direction and education for coming generations are essential to my life.

Also, I find it is important to be true to myself and my path. And, to love those important to me as fully and deeply as I can. To support their enjoyment of life and the various contributions they make to our common existience as human beings, as well. The sad thing is, this view of spirituality was not present at all, or at least to the same degree, when I was a Christian.

Joined: 13
Left: 36
Was: Conservative Evangelical then Liberal Christian Pastor
Now: Process Philosopher incorporating secular Buddhism & Taoism
Converted because: Inspired by tradition and revivalism
De-converted because: Could no longer use experience, reason, or bible to validate faith

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