Jesus is the Sun

sent in by Pablo

I was born into a non religious family my father was raised catholic and my mother Church of England, her mother was and still is a scripture teacher, but we only attended church for weddings, baptisms and funerals.

If Christianity was ever discussed my father always had the same catch phrase "it's all based on pagan myth" , I had no idea what he was talking about and continued to ignore him as it was blissful.

When I was 16 my friends and I joined a church group as we saw it as being an opportunity to meet girls our age. The church group had pulled the chairs out of the top level of a double-decker bus and replaced them with bean bags. Every Thursday night it would fill up with teenage boys and girls. They would drive us around the streets and take us to parks to play games, take us to see Christian rock groups and even away camping for weekends.

But at the end of every night the fun would come to an end

we where asked to come inside and listen to an elder read from the bible and on camps we where asked to fill in books to make sure we where listening.

Many times during these sermons a group of us would sneak off and sit under the church and smoke cigarettes and make out.

I believed at the time that it was all just harmless fun and didn’t think it would have any long term effect on me I was totally unaware that these people where actually getting inside my head...

I began praying every night that my father would convert to Christianity I was absolutely terrified that he would die before converting and that I would never see him again in heaven. I was really, really scared that he was going to HELL.

But gradually over many years things started to unravel and the truth was finally exposed.

It began when I came across a book on Greek mythology I learned of “Hades" who was the Greek lord of the dead and the ruler of the nether world. I remember thinking how interesting this was that the term is so similar to the Christian hell and Satan.

So I concluded that as this story was older then Christianity the Christians must have borrowed this concept for their story on hell and the devil.

I could live with this as even I was guilty of little plagiarism every now and then in my school assignments no problems..

A few years later I came across a book on Sumerian mythology and read of a flood which was similar to the story of Noah, however this story predated the Noah by thousands of years. I then learned that Hindu and many other cultures had similar stories of a deluge and all of these stories predated the Christian version by thousands of years.

So I concluded as any rational person could only do that the Noah story had to have been made up based on one of these older stories of the deluge and that the Christians had borrowed one more thing from much older myths.

I could live with this no problems.

Then one day I came across an article about the true origins of Easter and how it was originally celebrated by pagans and was called “Eastre/Ishtar/ostara " where a woman runs into the forest and turns into a hare and then she mates, it is basically a fertility rite welcoming spring.(There are various versions of this story however they all are based on the fact that it is spring)

When I learned about this it really took the wind out of me as I had whole heartedly believed that Easter was an original Christian celebration the time Christ had died and resurrected.

I concluded that yes us Christians had borrowed again from pagans and made this spring ritual the time of Christ’s death and resurrection , maybe he died and resurrected later in the year but these pagans are use to having a holiday at this time of year so we will slot in here...

I could live with this and I did...

One day I read about "Mithraism" this was a pagan religion which was big in Rome at the same time as Christianity, it's followers lived in the rural areas and where known as "Paganus"

Hold the fort what paganus (pagans) where country dwellers I thought they worshippers of the devil, not farmers.

What was interesting to learn was Mithra's birthday was 25 December, hey isn’t that the same date as Jesus? Probably just a coincidence, I suspected.

I could live with this...

I went on to learn about 28 sons of a god who celebrated their birthday's on 25 December who walked on water, performed miracles, born of virgins, 12 disciples , etc all with the same or very similar narratives to the story of Jesus...

So now I finally understood what my father meant when he said that Christianity is based on pagan myths.

From that day on there could have only been one way I could continue being a Christian and that would have been for me to rationalize this way.

All 28 godmen with the same or similar narrative to Jesus from various cultures who where all sons of god, born a virgin birth, performed miracles, walked on water , 12 disciples, 25 Dec. birthday, the light of the world, died and resurrected, these must all be just myths and not real.

But the exact same story of Jesus is literal truth...

It's like Christianity being replaced today by a new religion and this new religion just takes the stories from Christianity it makes them their own by changing the names of characters , in 2 thousand years people start questioning why there son of god has the same story as this Jesus guy from the old Christian religion. But believers of this new religion don’t want to know about this Jesus guy because he was not the real son of god our new guy he is the real deal he's the son of god... It's really quite ridiculous.

I still pray to a god /universe/ higher force but no longer am I afraid of my father going to a Christian hell as this is all it is a fictional place created by Christians to scare it's own members, my dad was never part of the club so he had nothing to worry about to begin with.

Joined at 16
Left at 25
Converted to meet girls
De-converted because I read the truth

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