Finding Truth and Meaning without Christianity

sent in by Jason

Tonight as I am sitting at home after a somewhat strenuous yet satisfying and gratifying day at work I feel inspired by my joy and happiness, which I should let you know DOES NOT come from faith in any "god" whatsoever to let everyone know that religion will make you sick. My desire is that many Christians will read this post and that they may feel the same way that they make everyone on this site feel when they come here to argue that their religion is the "truth". This site has been created for the healing of ex-Christians, not as a debate forum to argue whether or not Christianity is true.

Many of us on this site are truly ex-Christians who have felt some sort of hurt from fundamental Christianity. People practice many forms of Christianity ranging from a simple faith to the extreme of fundamental Christianity which the bible describes and calls for. This site has helped me tremendously since my deconversion about a year and a half ago. Keep up the good work Christians will continue to come to this site to try and "re-save" everyone. Debate with a Christian and it will only prolong the healing from this very controlling religion.

I learned a lot about life from Christianity, however fundamentally this religion is wrong and will control your life and mind. Life is best lived when you get to know yourself, love yourself, and love this life, which can be difficult at times. Religion is NOT a prerequisite for being happy or finding meaning.

To you simple minded Christians, I am not saying that a god or creative force does not exist, however I am saying that the bible is nothing more than a collection of fairy tales that cannot stand the test of scrutiny. For the reasonable modern day person that has had minimal exposure to the bible, they have not one reason to believe that the bible is accurate. NO PROOF = NO TRUTH = NO FAITH! Evangelizing not necessary.

Reason can be the only accurate means for discovering truth. One cannot use reason when coming to belief in any religion.

Yes, I do have faith. Faith that the truth is out there and to this day has been undiscovered. In our life time we may never know the truth, but like I said earlier one does not need religion to find meaning and be happy.

Joined: 21
Left: 25
Was: Southern Baptist
Now: No Labels, however if I had to choose one - "DEIST"
Converted because: To find meaning and happiness in a time of despair.
De-converted because: No evidence to validate Christianity.

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