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sent in by Dan Hurst

I hope this can make it to the readers because I am naming the bully who pastored me and my family for some four years.

The man’s name is Bob N... and he has a web site open to the public (that I'm going to give) so I'm going to assume it's alright for me to call him by name. If not, please find a way to post the web site so your readers can see first hand how a brain-washer operates. He needs to be exposed and probably arrested. The Chick tract "Bad Bob" is rumored to be based off of him. His web site is absolutely perfect ammunition against this particular sect of Christianity and could by itself speak for me. They call themselves "bible-believers" because they hold to the belief that God preserved His word in only one version of the bible......the King James Version. They will fight tooth and nail over it. Some of them even believe that unless you read the KJV exclusively, you will go to hell.

"For a man is saved by faith and faith only comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God and that word is only the KJV!!!" (too bad for the deaf I guess). They are all Baptist and there are two camps within this sect: the Peter Ruckman followers (most extreme) and the Jack Hyles types. Both of these men have their own web sites also. Of course, as fate would have it, BeelzeBOB N... – as I like to call him – was associated with the Ruckman camp.

I went to a bible institute in my early twenties (I'm 36 now) that leaned strong Ruckman, strong KJV, strong separation from the world, strong man rules the home, and strong Dispensations (which is a belief that only the Pauline epistles apply to Gentile Christians.....I know......goofy). Now, there were only a handful of churches in S.E. Michigan that were associated with my seminary and only BeelzeBOB's was close to home. The rest were at least an hour away and "Bless God", I had to go to church three times a week and so BeelzeBOB's was the most practical.

I am from Pontiac, Michigan. A city that could very much be compared to Detroit. Pretty rough. I was saved when I was 16 years old through a Baptist/Hyles type preacher. He found me hanging out on the streets one night and given I was a youth from a broken home, a drop out, and already a father, I needed some direction. AND, given that I'm an American and live in a culture that instills "doing right" with God and religion, it was inevitable.

I managed to hang in the faith for about a year until my hormones got the best of me and I fell from grace and was pretty much, believe it or not, ostracized from the church (kind of ex-communicated). This is rare in today’s modern churches (for obvious reasons...$$$$), but not in the KJV camps. It is very regular and public (them that sin rebuke before all...)

I went back to the street mentality at 17 and continued that way until I was 22 years old and, because of my irresponsible behavior, found myself wanting to change for the better (my children mainly), and, again, doing what’s right, in our culture, is associated with God. So back to church I went.

I staggered through a few trying to find "the one" God would have me to join. Enter BeelzeBOB. I was recommended to his church in 1993 by a "friend" and when I went I was awed by this pastor. Mind you, I had barely been back in the fold when I met BeelzeBOB and was still quite carnal/worldly/a babe in Christ. Why this preacher was cool!!!! Hell, he even cussed from the pulpit – my kind of guy. Fag hater to boot. His favorite saying was "I may of done a lot of things in my life but I never sucked no D--K." Man he was hip.

BeelzeBOB was from Detroit, a burly imposing ex-biker to boot. He carried this intimidating persona with him and would remind you every chance he got. One time at a camp meeting in Ohio, he was telling me about another guy who was having issues with his wife submitting. Big bad Bob's antidote....make sure she "sucks your d--k." Sounded like good doctrine to me. Actually, by this time (about 2 years a member) I had grown weary of his antics. I was growing in Christ (or morals) and had no desire to glory in my past or hang with those who did. Bob had actually used his seedy past-conversion to get him where he was (shock preaching/see what God can do) and wasn't planning on quitting anytime soon. And see, again, BeelzeBOB was associated with my seminary and I wanted so much to finish that I dealt with it.

While my family and I submitted to his teachings for four years or so (for my seminary's sake) many, and I mean many, verbal abuses took place. Big Bob uses the classic abusive behavior where you beat somebody up and then be nice to them and then beat them up and be nice over and over again 'til they're, like an abused wife, unable to think clearly. I was a mess. He literally calls you an idiot, ignorant, stupid, a wuss, whore, slut, fag, and many other derogatory terms in a very offensive angry manner, FROM THE PULPIT, and he has the support of hundreds of Ruckman type churches to back him which makes him look God inspired.

Actually, the bible, especially the O.T. supports his hatred of mankind too and language (ever read the spread dung on your face verse?). When I had finally had enough and was making my slow withdraw from services here and there, he, in essence, put a curse on my family; saying "there are some here thinking about leaving this church, the place where God would have them to be, mind you, you will be out of the will of God and it will be me preaching your kids funerals, or visiting them in jail."

It's hard to describe how mixing both a dictating God with a dictating man of God screws up one's head and I'll never get over it. I'm still pissed. Recently, BeelzeBOB caught wind that my oldest son is gay (I still know some of the members). And I know him well enough to know what he's thinking. He's basking in it!!!! On his web site he has a video of him preaching and he begins to describe, what seems to be, me. I had left and gone back to his church three times in those four years (for obvious reasons). Right after he mentions me, it’s edited. I wonder what he said.

If one of my kids were to die.....I don't know what I would do knowing he'd get some sort of fulfillment out of it instead of, like any unsaved human would do, grieve with me. I would just love to use his own website and words to expose his wretchedness and your website has a lot of hits. Not to mention the verbal abuses and corporal punishments I in turn implemented on my own home during such an influence and experience.

I really would like to kick his ass, and might some day yet. I eventually left the Baptist crowd and joined the Presbyterian bunch for a while toward the end. Eventually, believe it or not it was the bible that started to show me the non-existence of Jesus. Exegesis!!!!! (Allowing the bible to speak for itself and not reading into it my personal understanding or outlook on life and God, which 99.9% of Christians do.)

For example, miracles; nothing in scripture "explicitly" states they ceased to exist. If anything Jesus said Christians would do greater works than He did. Where are they? HM-MM? If you are a Christian you will have already reasoned away the potency of this verse with your understanding of God as seen through reality and not through the scripture. You'll downsize the definition of a miracle or you may even find a little verse in I Cor 13 that says "when that which is perfect is come (supposedly Jesus) then that which is in part will be done away" and ascribe it to miracles.

What ever floats it for ya baby.

Also, my own experiences and church history finally done me in I am now an agnostic and good at it. I am well versed in the scriptures and now in reason and whenever I can I like to give Christians fits. Please make a link to BeelzeBOB's site so he too can get his feathers ruffled. If you go to it listen to the sermon "Don't be defiled" it's one of his most recent and an hour and twenty minutes long; another classic strategy to brain-washing. It is disturbing and backed by hundreds if not thousands of Baptist churches in our country. Its not isolated or the exception. You almost think its a staged mockery of how bad it could be....but trust me...its real.

Dan Hurst
email: djh9449 at yahoo dot com

Joined at 16
Left at 31
Was: Baptist and Presbyterian
Now: Agnostic
Converted because: No direction and this is what our culture promotes
De-converted because: Reality

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