Pastor Arrested on Sex-Abuse Charges

ST. GEORGE, Utah (AP) -- A St. George man described by police as a pastor and teacher at a private school, has been arrested and accused of sexually abusing an 11-year-old girl, who was a student at the school.

Gabriel E. Carlin, 32, a teacher at East Harbor Christian Academy in Washington, was booked into Purgatory Correctional Facility on four counts of first-degree felony sexual abuse of a minor.

He was being held on $100,000 bail.

St. George police Sgt. Craig Harding said Carlin allegedly gave the girl a ride to her home from school and there allegedly was "some inappropriate touching involved. All touching was over the clothes, no clothes were removed."

The alleged incident reportedly occurred during the last 30 days, and the girl's complaint was filed on March 9.

Harding said the charges were enhanced from second- to first-degree felonies because of the position of trust Carlin holds.

Details on Carlin's ecclesiastic position were not immediately available. However, his creditianls are mentioned online at where it says:
February 2005: Recent Graduate: Congratulations goes to Gabriel E. Carlin of Utah who completed his studies for the degree of Master of Theological Studies. Mr. Carlin is now enrolled for the Doctor of Ministry degree.



Jim said...

You really have to ask yourself just how much do these sort of creeps believe of the theological studies that they undertook. Guess there in it for the money and the perks that go with the job.

FatherTyme said...

It's like letting the Fox guarding the Henhouse. The bible was exclusively written to forgive men for their sexual abuse of females, and any other heinous crimes a male may commit, notice how god and jesus are standing by ready to forgive, at any given moment, 24/7.

How f**king convenient!

james said...

Don't know how many noticed this, but I thought it was rather ironic and a bit funny that a man of the cloth was being processed in a prison called purgatory.

Janice said...

Just another reason for parents to be careful and cautious and take abuse prevention seriously.

A cool site I thought you might enjoy.

south2003 said...

Here's another site to view registerd offenders.

James said...

Pastor Gabe is a friend of mine. Before posting comments about him it may be benificial to find out if he is even guilty. That is important: isn't it?

Anonymous said...

While you're showing so much concern for Pastor Gabe, how about finding out how the girl is doing. Hopefully for her she's been turned against religion and is on her way to becoming liberated from such power mongers.

Unknown said...

Tuesday, May 27, 2008, Washington County resident Gabriel Edward Carlin pled guilty to two third degree felony charges, Attempted Sexual Abuse of a Minor, in front of Judge Eric A. Ludlow in Washington County Court (Court Case No. 061500404). Mr. Carlin was not just an acquaintance, neighbor or friend of the victim. Mr. Carlin was the girls’ pastor,
academic principal and considered a member of the family. (
Gabriel Carlin, 32 at the time of the crime, was arrested on March 14, 2006, charged with four
first degree felony charges of Sexual Abuse Against a Minor—an innocent girl, age eleven (11).
Per Detective Alan Johnson of the St. George police department, Mr. Carlin admitted, during a “controlled call” and subsequent investigation, to having a sexual attraction and to having had
inappropriate contact with the child. The factual basis to which defendant Carlin pled guilty in
court today included kissing the young girl on her mouth and fondling her breasts and
buttocks for his sexual desire.
After 27 months, this case is finally beginning to reach a level of finality. The child and her
family have lived in fear of this man for over two years. There has been no healing, no closure
and no moving beyond the pain as this had remained unresolved. The child and her siblings
changed, behaviorally, spiritually and physically as a result. The children could no longer attend
school due to fear and uncertainty, leaving them to be homeschooled. They experience illness and other manifestations including night-terrors and physical sickness. But, now Mr. Carlin must finally face the penalty and accept responsibility for his crimes as well as not be allowed to continue to provide spiritual guidance and pastoral leadership which includes services to old and young. (

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