Strayed from the Sheep Fold

sent in by GuitarHound

Hello to all,

Forgive my grammerand punctuation, I'm not eloquent in writing, but eloquent in speech.

First off, I stumbled on this site doing a search on Dan Barker and found the link for his debate with Jason whatshis face. Anyway, I find some of the terstimonies posted here as guys rock!!!

Well I guess I'll let ya'll know a little about myself. I became a Born-Again believer at age 21 and joined a Non- denominational Church basically in a quest for truth and the meaning of life. I went through the basic training all of us get...I remember before joining the church, I had a Humanities course in college and the Professor was doing a study on the Book of Job. He told us we all needed to bring a Bible to class at the next meeting so we could study the story. We studied the story and yes I knew that the Christian God had made a "Deal" with the Devil over Job's Life...amazingly, I rationalized it away as being God's sovereign wisdom...I got involved in the Non-denominational Church, Baptized, music ministry(Guitar) and learned just about everything there's to know in becoming a mature christian. However, I struggled with my Flesh and I would end up feeling guilty or that the "enemy" was attacking me...I related to the Apostle Paul " The Things I do I shouldn't be doing"...anyway, this constant struggle ended up in a major backslide...after ten years went by, I "rededicated" myself to an Assembly of God Church in 2000. I guess I felt that the Rapture was close upon the Human race and I didn't want to miss the boat. I joined the First Sunday of 2000 and was asked to Play in their Praise band the following Sunday...I went and the Church was in the middle of some inner strife between the Pastor and elders...The Band was ready to perform and the Pastor got to the Podium and all Hell broke loose...I saw 6 guys stand up out in the Congregation and started Shouting stuff at the Pastor...I saw one Usher get Punched in the was total Chaos...people and Children were Crying...the Pastor trying to calm the people and politely rebuking the men for their outburst...what a scene. There was about 150 people and an off duty policemen in the congregation took them outside and forbade them from returning.

Needless to say, I stayed on!!!...and for four long years I saw the "Christians" backbite each other, the Gossiping, the Cliques, the unfriendliness, and the Wacky sermons. I being a single handsome hispanic guy inquired about a pretty female that was friends with the Pastors daughter...the Pastors daughter told me "oh she's beautiful and too young for you...I can set you up with a Spanish girl I know, she's divorced and that way you can keep the Lineage"...huh??? Lineage!...I started to think, where did she get this line of else but from home. That told me that it would be a Very cold day in Hell when a Hispanic man would marry his daughter or any man that wasn't caucasion,Higly educated,and a Fine Christian stud from prime stock and of course a practicing member of an Assembly of God church...they don't believe in mixed racial marriages...oh it was OK for the congragational members to marry outside their race...but NOT for his daughter. Like the old saying

"The Fruit doesn't fall to Far from the Tree"...and of course if confronted about this issue he would probably say that he's just following the Bible...for we all know that God forbade the Jews from marrying outside their race...what a Moron. So, I refused to submit myself to a Bigot closet racist and support his livelihood and Left.

I did a thorough search of inconsistancies and errors found in the Bible and was totally blown away by the facts. There's the one about Judas...did he hang himself or did he take a flying leap off a cliff? I asled this to a church member and she said " well I don't see a contradiction...Judas hung himself and the tree broke and he fell on the rock splitting himself open" Ahhh, well then that explains things..NOT!!! The problem with Christians is that they have been told "Lean NOT unto your own understanding" So when a so called Inconsistancy appears..they reason it away. If God's word is inerrant, and he spoke or told the Gospel writers to write down the " FactualTruth" then why doesn't the scripture harmonize? Judas case...Both scripture should say the same thing...He hung himself, and the weight of his body broke the limb and he fell and split himself wide open. Case closed...another one describing Pauls conversion on the road to Demascus...the men that are with him "HEARD" a voice...and in another scripture the men "DID NOT HEAR" the voice...HELLO!!!

I saw so many conflicting stuff that I said this can not be divinely is MAN MADE. One great book that started me down the path of reason is a book titled

" Deceptions and Myths of the Bible" by Lloyd Graham.

I realize that the jewish nation absorbed their doctrinal religious beliefs from the Egyptians, who got it from the Babylonians, who got it from the Summerians, who got it from another Ancient race...basically the Jewish nation made up their own God to compete with the other gods of heathen nation...and to get the spoils of those nations they claimed that "Their God had commanded" them to Kill and take possesson of Lands...What I find odd...all Christians believe they are God's chosesn people...yet he's been sending them all to Hell for 2000 years..hehe..I got kicked out of a Bible chat room for that one...and another time was kicked out because I told a Preacher who was moderating the room that I thought what Paul was struggling with in Romans 7 was Masterbation...oooh...I said a Bad word...yes...He couldn't stop wacking his PP ...which resulted in his Guilt...well did Jesus say..if a Part of your body offends thee...then cut if off !!! LOL...So, I got kicked out..hehe...I'm a rationalist...

Anyway, I'm Free!!!! and I like it. Christians are told not to Lean unto their own understanding...that's right...DO NOT use you brain to think...just follow blindly without question.

That doesn't work for me anymore. I want the TRUTH and the FACTS.


Anonymous said...

It hurts me to see the comments on my PC monitor of people that have been in religion and turned off by it and get out.There is a difference between beingin religion and being in Christ.God's
word is what we need, it is enough.
For those that God's word is not enough Hell awaits them! RL

Anonymous said...

Anonymous RL wrote “It hurts me to see the comments on my PC monitor of people that have been in religion and turned off by it and get out. There is a difference between being in religion and being in Christ. God's word is what we need, it is enough. For those that God's word is not enough Hell awaits them! RL”

That’s just TERRIBLE RL!!! We certainly don’t want you to “hurt” when you come to an EX-christian website rather than, say, a CHRISTIAN website, and see comments on your PC monitor that bother you.

How about if we all check with YOU first, before any of us post anything to make sure we don’t ruffle your christian feathers…okay? Sure!

Tell you what RL, why not turn off your computer after you read this and never turn it on again. That way you’ll avoid ANYTHING on your PC monitor that might hurt your sensitivities.

You tell us all we need to know about you and your christian love when you use the standard threat of hell as your parting shot.

YOU……go to hell!!!

Anonymous said...

What a fucking dink RL is. -Wes.

webmdave said...

It hurts me to see the comments on my PC monitor [...] God's
word is what we need

RL, I suggest you get back to your Bible. Because coming here shows that the Bible is not enough to you, that you want to read other things, and by the typed words from your own fingers, that means you're going to hell.

Anonymous said...

Wow...I can tell that Christianity really had an impact in your lives, so much so that you had to create a site that centers ALL around isn't that ironic. For the record the Bible also says that damed is the man tha confides in man, and that is what you all did; when you should have just been focusing on intimacy with the Lord. All I have to say is that it is never too late to come back home..sooner or later you will truly see. God bless you all.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, yeah, anony. Blah blah blah... -Wes.

Astreja said...

"Intimacy with the Lord"... Eww. (ties millstone around the neck of the latest Anonymous and pushes him into the alligator pit)

Let's have no more of *that*, please. Children might be listening.

Anonymous said...

They Just want your money,and alot of them sure as hell Don't act like christians1

Anonymous said...

The Reason why Alot of Christian prayers have not been answered,is Because you are not praying in the true name.God is not a name,it is a title,God's real name is Yahweh,and his son's true name is Yahshua.If you do some research,and discover that the non denominational christian church has a pagan origin,you would probably leave the church too.Amen!

TheJaytheist said...

"Our father who art in heaven" doesn't cut it, eh?

Hmmm? Seems like somebody told us to pray like this. Who was that again?

Anonymous said...

Anon- So..what? god is looking out the window with his nose in the air-refusing to answer because we mispronounced his name? Hahaha. ok

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