My boring catholic story

sent in by Rich

Ok where to start on my incredible boring journey?? Hmm lets see.. Born into a very strict catholic family on Long Island, NY.. Started first grade in 1968. Wow those Nuns with the horrible outfits and the 12 in rulers… Scary! I remember once I was yelled at by Sister Margaret Joseph the principal of my grammar school for running in the hallways.. WTF was that about? I was punished by being made to walk up and down the hallway and up and down the stairs in the school for an hour while others were in class.. I thought that was cool because I’d rather be walking the halls then be in class learnin’ bout jeebus…

Well in fourth grade there was Sister “ Butch dyke” or whatever the hell her name was.. One day we were in English class and my friend Michael was caught whispering in class.. She walked back to his desk, grabbed him by the hair and dragged him up to the front of the classroom and smashed his head against the blackboard! There was blood everywhere. I ran down to Sister Margaret bull dyke’s office and told her what happened. I don’t remember what happened after that but I know that the police showed up with the ambulance. Michael’s parents actually pressed charges against the nun and she actually spent time in jail!! I thought that was awesome!!

It was all-abuzz within the Parish after that and at mass the priests said we should pray for sister butch dyke. I remember saying to my parents “shouldn’t we be “praying for Michael and his family??? I couldn’t believe what these priests were saying!!

Yes my parents actually agree with me but they won’t say anything because they are very involved with their church to this day 30 years later. I was the rebel of the family and I was only 10 years old! (My parents probably knew then that I would be a “problem”)

That was the end for me. Why would god want us to pray for an abuser???

Then came “upper school” 5th grade across the street at the same school. We were taught that we were about to become “young Christian adults” because we were moving into the 5th grade! I really didn’t care at that point and I usually tuned out during religion class at this time. I did excel though in my other classes but was not a stellar “catholic because I questioned the catholic teachings all the time..

Ok now comes the juicy part… “Upper school” had Franciscan brothers teaching… Oh my dog…….. Brother Harold!. He was probably about 35 at the time. He had a big mustache, wore aviator glasses and smoked a cigar!!! I was in heaven… (Pun intended) This man was so freaking hot every time I saw him I’d get a woody… (Oh yeah, by the way if you haven’t figured it out, I’m a big ole hell bound homosexual) I had the biggest crush on this guy.. I would do everything possible to be around him. Ok where the hell am I going with this?? LOL

I continued through high school at another catholic school and then on to college.. Yeah that was Catholic too!! I never bought the whole god- jesus thing but did it to appease my parents.

I didn’t come out of the closet until I was 28 for fear that there would be repercussions.. but incredibly there weren’t! Everyone in my life was supportive of me especially my parents!

So you’re asking yourselves (If you’ve made it this far) what the hell does this have to do with leaving Christianity? Well being gay has made me realize that I am what I am and damn proud of it! I believe that the catholic church is one of the biggest money sucking cults in the world. While I’d like to believe there is some higher power then us; I KNOW it is not the jeebus of the babble…

I have a lot more funny/stories about being raised in the catholic faith and I will share some of them with all my new found friends on this site.

I do have to credit my parents for being the most incredible people in the world. Though they are devout catholic’s they don’t agree with everything the church teaches. I am proof of that..

St Petersburg
How old were you when you became a christian? born into the catholic cult
How old were you when you ceased being a christian? 17
What churches or organizations or labels have applied to you? Cathy-lic
What labels, if any, would you apply to yourself now? Gay and happy
Why did you become a christian? No choice
Why did you de-convert? Im educated and have a brain!
email: rpstpa at netzero dot com

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