I have seen the light and it's not religion

sent in by Tyler deren

Nine months ago I began to see the huge holes in the bible. I was a devoted Christian, and I even preached for 2 years. It was this that lead to my discovery of small mistakes and contradictions in the bible. That in turn lead to my mind opening up to the possibility that the bible was full of myths and lies. Once I began to read and study peoples works like Thomas Paine and Robert Ingersoll the blinders came off and I have never looked back. I have the greatest feeling of peace. I have never been so happy with my life and myself. I no longer look at myself as a hopeless sinner destined for hell because I can't stop getting mad when someone cuts me off in traffic or stop saying shit. I was in such a huge depression that had lasted three years on and off, mostly off toward the end. Then my eyes were opened and now once again I like myself, life, other people, and have become ten times more environmentally conscious. I really love this web site. Keep on spreading the truth.

Tyler d.
Joined: 24
Left: 31
Was: freewill baptist
Now: deist
Converted because: death of someone close to me
De-converted because: biblical contradictions, lies, the biblical god, Christianity
email: tylerd992002 at yahoo dot com

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