Listening to 5000+ sermons in my life

by Paul

A Mennonite Boy @ St. Jacobs Farmers MarketImage by Antony Pranata via Flickr

I grew up in Fundamentalist Baptist and the ultra fundy semi-Mennonite "holiness" denominations and schools. A family heavy involved in the ministry. I am the only one out of five siblings and two sets of parents to have left Christianity.

The other day I calculated I have heard at the minimum, 5000 Baptist flavored sermons in my lifetime!

YES, I get it already! It's all about having a dysfunctional relationship with your ego and convincing yourself it's a personal relationship with an invisible 2000-year-old Jewish Zombie!

Einstein said "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results."

Madness and Dysfunction reigns in fundamentalist churches.

I grew up with pastors, pastors kids, and missionaries. I saw the physical, emotional, and sexual abuse in the church -- the overwhelming undercurrent of sadness, stagnation, guilt, abuse, depression, and the never-ending pursuit of maintaining the emotional connection to a faith that is tired, worn-out, fear based, and false -- and the mental illness that results from decades of hiding and demonizing one's own humanity.

I outgrew Christianity and thank Zombie-Jesus. I escaped that cult with my sanity still intact.

How many sermons have you listened to?

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