Totally de-converted at 72

Sent in by Jay P

I was raised in the Presbyterian Church and had a flawless attendance record – so many “Gold Stars”. Then, there were church camps, becoming a Deacon in my mid-twenties and finally teaching a Sunday school class, made up of mostly teen-age girls (what’s wrong with that picture?)

After a divorce, I was very much an “outcast” in the eyes of my fellow Deacons and life-long church acquaintances. I simply moved out of my hometown and for the next 40-years (other than the 3-years I dated a Baptist minister’s daughter) I never attended a church. Not an atheist during those times, but just generally “not interested”.

Two years ago, my son the doctor, came for a visit. This is the young man, who during his entire life, was raised as a Lutheran – attended a Lutheran college (among others) and during his visits during that period of his life, would constantly use such phrases as, “Praise the Lord” or maybe, “God Love Him/Her” - and others. It just drove me nuts!

But on this visit, we just sat and talked. He revealed to me that he had, for some time, been reconsidering his lifelong path of religious thought. Bottom line – he had stepped away from Christianity. I was shocked! (Almost “giddy” at the news, but shocked none the less.)

Long story short, he suggested that I get on the web and read “Why God Doesn’t Heal Amputees”

This was my first intro into atheism. Kind of a shocker, but the more I read (and it is very sizable) the more I liked it and the better I felt. During that first year, I bought probably 25 or so books from Amazon and found such sites as this one which further assisted me toward de-converting.

Now 72 (two-years later) and totally de-converted from Christianity, I find my life totally improved.

As I read so many posts and appreciate so many stories (many, like mine) of newcomers to the atheist mindset, I often feel the hunger for more information - for backup in the direction they have chosen. Like most of you, I have read tons of books, visited a zillion websites and seen numerous videos. But as times passes, I can now reflect on some of my “findings” as perfect for the atheist “newby”.

I now suggest two sources that are very well done and real “eye openers”, if one has the curiosity to honestly view and hear them.


Zeitgeist is a 3-part, 2-hour movie. It covers Religion, 9-11 and our Banking and Money system. I am also a Patriot and continuing student of my government and its’ processes. The whole production is well done. I bought their DVD for a donation of $7, as I remember, but have since (as they suggested) made many copies for ready hand-outs to whomever I choose. I am not a “conspiracy” theorist, but my mind is always open to new-found subject matter. This thing is great and millions of folks have viewed it.


This is the website of Acharya S. I know, strange name. She is an archeologist who has written several books, including “The Christ Conspiracy – The Greatest Story Ever SOLD” (under a pseudonym). She also wrote a well documented study guide to the “Zeitgeist” movie, which is also available as a download (I think about $5 donation) and really a well educated (and heavily footnoted) piece of work. Going to her website (above) and looking at the upper right-hand corner, you will see her picture (not to shabby for an egg-head). Click on that photo and you will get a 1-hr video interview that is very interesting and revealing from a qualified educator/archeologist. I also downloaded this interview a couple of days ago and made a DVD, which I will soon make duplicates for handouts. How this stuff “crunches” a good Christian. You’ll never hear about it – but it does!

I hope that this post will prove valuable to you newcomers, as well as some “old hands” that might not have seen these video subjects.

Happy days!

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