Sent in by Ex-Pastor Dan

I may be the longest term, fundamentalist Christian to ever make it OUT! After about 50 years of total brainwashing, I am FREE! No more guilt, no more fear, no more unanswered questions, no more judging, no more holier-than-thou condescension, no more self-inflicted ignorance.

I was born and raised in a pentecostal, fundamentalist church. I went to church services 5 times a week. I was singing in gospel groups by the time I was 15, and by the time I was 33, I was an ordained minister.

My only salvation (no pun intended) was due to two things: I was always a truth-seeker and at 24 I met and married the most wonderful woman in the world. Together, over the next 30 years, we helped each other come out of the "fairy tale world" and into the light of REAL TRUTH.

I am so thrilled to have found this site. I was re-reading Christopher Hitchins' "God is not Great" (my new bible), and I noticed in the back acknowledgments, a phrase mentioning Dr. Michael Shermer. After looking him up on the Web, I was led to this site.

Just to know that there are others like me out there is very encouraging. I have a brother who is an ordained minister. I have two uncles and two cousins that are ministers. My 91-year-old mother has told me that God is going to do something horrible to me if I don't repent. There is a lot of pressure coming at me from family and friends to come back into the fold. But, it feels too good out here in the light of reality and TRUE truth. Knowing about this Army of ex-Christians gives me even more courage to stand up to all of the calamity-howlers that are after me.

I feel sure that I have a book in me. If for no other reason than to help me purge the last remnants of the lunacy that was my life for 50 years.

Thanks for letting me vent. I will share more later if anyone is interested.

Ex-pastor Dan

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