Somehow I got brainwashed

Sent in by Jerry S

Quick background:

-36 yrs. old & grew up in a very strict Christian household.

-I always knew I had my own analytical mind, but my parents & the church at large found the only way to heel me (as in a dog) was to use an over abundance of guilt & the 'fire & brimstone' method.

-Tried to fit into the pathology of the Christian mindset, but all along, all the stuff that seemed to be doing it for others, just didn't connect with me.

-2007: came across an e-book that finally hit the nail on the head for me.

Anyway, as I mentioned, I am very analytical, but somehow I got brainwashed into the whole hocus pocus of the prayer & faith argument. 'Just keep praying' my mother always warned me. 'You need to just have faith,' I heard from almost everyone else.

OK, but those 'solutions' just didn't seem to be logical or make any real difference. I reasoned that for the this whole thing to be of any use, the bible must serve some practical purpose, so I gave it many chances to see if there would be real world results.

I then came to the conclusion that it was not going to work for me, as I kept hearing the excuses of 'in gods time' or 'that's just the will of god' or 'you must have faith' or my personal favourite: 'he chooses not to answer'

Long story short, in '07 I found that e-book & the penny dropped for me. That book literally says exactly everything I have been thinking for years. So, instead of a long recital here, go read that book start to finish which should clarify so many things for so many sad & concerned people:

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