Somehow I got brainwashed

Sent in by Jerry S

Quick background:

-36 yrs. old & grew up in a very strict Christian household.

-I always knew I had my own analytical mind, but my parents & the church at large found the only way to heel me (as in a dog) was to use an over abundance of guilt & the 'fire & brimstone' method.

-Tried to fit into the pathology of the Christian mindset, but all along, all the stuff that seemed to be doing it for others, just didn't connect with me.

-2007: came across an e-book that finally hit the nail on the head for me.

Anyway, as I mentioned, I am very analytical, but somehow I got brainwashed into the whole hocus pocus of the prayer & faith argument. 'Just keep praying' my mother always warned me. 'You need to just have faith,' I heard from almost everyone else.

OK, but those 'solutions' just didn't seem to be logical or make any real difference. I reasoned that for the this whole thing to be of any use, the bible must serve some practical purpose, so I gave it many chances to see if there would be real world results.

I then came to the conclusion that it was not going to work for me, as I kept hearing the excuses of 'in gods time' or 'that's just the will of god' or 'you must have faith' or my personal favourite: 'he chooses not to answer'

Long story short, in '07 I found that e-book & the penny dropped for me. That book literally says exactly everything I have been thinking for years. So, instead of a long recital here, go read that book start to finish which should clarify so many things for so many sad & concerned people:


Anonymous said...

Way to go Jerry. It's refreshing to read your comments and realize the religious world is losing another member.("Another one bites the dust" is playing in my head now.)

Enjoy your newfound freedom!

Jim Earl

TheJaytheist said...

Glad to see you got out. Don't worry, brainwashing can happen to the best of us.

freethinker05 said...

Jerry ole buddy,most eveyone, including me who realises the truth,(That bible/god is full of shit) goes thru stressful times because of it.

But not to worry; Just keep reading all the material you can that debunks christianty, and it will finally "set you free" Peaceout, Roger...A/A P.S. I order audio cd's and dvd's; Too lazy to read books, hahaha

Telmi said...

Jerry, you have come to this realization much, much earlier than some other people and that can be considered as an achievement. Some people, from what we have heard, only realized how stupid or ignorant they have been, when they were in their 40s or 50s [or even 60s].

Any reasonable or rational person who has read the Bible can reasonably describe the Bible God
as a malevolent, genocidal maniac. I am one of those who have arrived at this description [or conclusion], after reading the Bible.

Welcome to the club and stay connected.

Anonymous said...

Jerry, I could have written most of your story word for word. I was brainwashed young, and though things didn't make sense, I kept thinking the problem was with me and not with christianity. I thought it was my fault things didn't make sense. Leaving was the best thing I did for my self esteem and intellectual level.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jerry,

Great story. Just remember that faith is a sin against the intellect. I am a guy who grew up in a non religious household and tried so hard to find Jesus in my adulthood, but like you I have a very analytical mind that just wouldn't let it happen. I fooled myself into a generic God belief for 42 years until I read my first couple of articles online refuting religion in 2005. Any God belief I once held was gone as quick as a balloon in a cage full of porcupines.

It was funny the other day I was salting my driveway and a couple of those young Mormons approached me. I always engage with these kids. I love it. Anyway I told them I have tried with every once of me being to find Jesus and failed. They just suggested I read the book of Mormon and try again. Riiiiiiiight.

I tell you at times these knucleheads were talking to me as if I just landed from another planet and have never heard of God, Jesus, or faith.

Jerry as I told them once you cross the line of informed non belief you can't go back.

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