Shut up and have faith

Sent in by Chris

Let me first say that this site is a haven from Bible spouting Christian people that I encounter. I am a 23-year-old black man who has come to the decision that I despise religion. I have not grown up on it as others may have, but encountered it at the beginning of my teens. My mother converted to Baptist after years of never going to church and began on me and my brother. I will stop on personal story to tell all here (even the foolish Christians) that I converted to atheism because of doubts and the sneaky ways of Christian followers.

Let's start with the doubts that fuel my separation from Christianity and other forms of religion. The first being the question is how an all-powerful and all-knowing God can allow such pain to even exist if he is so loving. Then there's the question of how the Bible can speak of the beginning when nobody was there. Another question is why I have to repent and suffer for the sins of an idiot ancestor. And there is the constant sorrow of trying to stay on the righteous path that is supposed to give me peace of mind, and it doesn't. The constant question of which of the world religions is the true path, since they all claim to be the 1-and-only path in life. Why is it that we consider those who here God from Bible days as miraculous, and yet now the same situation would give you a padded cell? Why prayer and faith DO NOT WORK. Yet, the worst part to all the doubt and questions is that when asked to a Christian, you are told a slew of things that all add up to... "Shut up and have faith!"

So what do you do in this situation? My answer was to abandon God and spirituality completely. Since all religions claim to have the path, I chose to stand outside them all. I chose to remove myself from religion to get an unbiased view of them all. This is when I started to see the true side of Christians. The two-faced, ignorant, hatefulness: the everything that they say they are not. The driving force for my stubbornness regarding religion has been Christians. The ones that insult me when they believe I am a devil worshiper. Those that feel the need to convert me as though I'm broken. The one's who nag and nag and nag... to the point that I want to put super glue in their mouth. In the Christian's attempt to change my mind they have only pushed me further away.

Today, I'm still an atheist, but one who has taken on Buddhist philosophy. I ignore them (Christians) and laugh to myself. To this I say to Christians: You can do more by not trying than by fervently pursuing. I believe in balance, action through inaction, one's personal thoughts and feelings are what you make them and the same applies to others. To me the more I am preached to, the more I despise your God, the Bible, and it's followers. And here's the worst part, if Christians are what it means to follow the word of "God," I'd rather be in Hell. The Bible gives me no comfort and neither does prayer. I will shape my future, or die trying. I will live as I see fit in fairness, happiness, and understanding. For me I know who I am, and it is not to be found in the Bible.

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