Is moving away the only easy way to leave the faith?

Sent in by Brian T

I was a "believer" starting at the age of 19. The conversion experience seemed real enough. I have to admit that I felt that feeling of weight lifted off, an indescribable peace, and I'm sure many of you know what I'm talking about.

I didn't begin doubting until I began to learn more about the history or origin of the bible. I was puzzled as to why pastors in a church never mention how the story of Moses in a basket is similar to an older story from the Annals of Sargon. There are other stories in other religions about someone being raised from the dead.

I remember learning about ziggurats and later hearing a pastor mention it. "You don't need to know about ziggurats." was in his sermon. Why not explain what ziggurats were?

I loved the "Da Vinci Code" movie. The more and more I learned about the Bible the less and less I believed in Christianity.

I am still in the closet except to my spouse, who has tried to be understanding, but can't help but feel betrayed.

I don't want to be hostile to any religion, unfortunately that's what many Christians sects do. I don't want to abandon one type of hypocrisy for another.

Any advice, is moving away the only easy way to leave the faith?

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