Why I reject Christianity

sent in by Mike Douglass

I think with regards to religion, we are born into our particular faiths/ideologies, really, we have little choice. Upbringing, tradition and ultimately fear seem to keep so many locked into blind and unquestioning subservience. One learns very early on in life, that it is wrong to question, that they should simply “have faith.”

I was born into the Catholic faith, and indoctrinated accordingly, and although my parents thankfully weren’t fanatical about it, my brothers and I were still made to go through the motions of confirmation, receiving communion, and the once a week trip to the “lord’s house” to hear the sermons of God’s mediators. I believe I was 12 years old when I began to feel in my heart that something was not quite right with the whole thing, but unfortunately, I was not encouraged to think freely or question, in fact it was just the opposite. Don’t question God, just accept it, do the little rituals, and be like everybody else. This whole attitude of non-questioning servitude seems to have been effectively controlling billions of human sheep for at least 2,000 years! What a racket!

My parents divorced, but my father remarried a devout Irish/Catholic so the programming continued, although by now, I was around 14 years old and just didn’t get into the whole religious thing, but was still made to go to church and continue to be poisoned by the lies and dogma regurgitated by the guys in long robes and dog collars. I was thrown out at age 15, and went to live with my grandparents who thankfully were not religious.

I began getting into the whole rebellious heavy metal thing by this time and it was fantastic. At age 16, I got involved again with Christianity once more, but for a very valid reason to a 16 year old; I was interested in a young lady. Her family were diehard born again Christians. This girl spoke of Jesus all the time yet was astonishingly hypocritical, as many diehard Christians tend to be. Although I was attending church, and doing the religious thing with this girl’s family, I really felt deep inside that it was sort of not for me, but hey, for the first time in my life, I was getting laid!

After a while, I began to pose questions about this Christian god to this girl and her mother that could not be answered, and pointing out contradictions, and yet again, that same old chestnut “have faith” was presented. When this girl tried to convince me to get rid of my heavy metal records, because they were “the devil’s music,” the line had been crossed. The relationship was over. To this day, I vividly remember one time that I put a Black Sabbath record on the turntable in this girl’s house, and her mother ran into the room, smashed the record, and started praying and speaking some incoherent babble; tongues I think it’s called.

A valuable lesson had been learned, although at the time I didn’t realize it. Later in life I became interested in the beliefs/traditions of the Native Americans. When I became aware of the atrocities committed against the Original inhabitants, in the name of Christ, I was appalled, but at this time, I saw it as church corruption, and didn’t realize that there was still so much more to learn and discover.
In my 29th year, I had read a book by a renowned British author. In this fantastic work, the author suggested that Christ never existed, that he was simply another in a long list of mythological god-men. Although I had long since rejected organized religion, the depth of programming often times for humanity can run very deep. I thought that this was quite significant, and that I needed to know for myself if it were true. I became a researcher, or in other words, I began to do my homework. It started out with conspiracy/ socio-political cover-up research, but I got sidetracked literally for years when I began to study the origins of religions, especially Christianity.

It’s been 4 years now that I’ve been intensely studying the roots of Christianity and I must say, it‘s been a wild ride. After a while, as a researcher, you begin to wonder why the truth of the matter seems to be circulated so little. You begin to realize the depth and power of programming, and to question how so many can so blindly accept illogical, irrational absurdities and call it truth. When you actually take the time to read the Bible for yourself, you begin to see the contradictions, the cruelty, the mythology, and then wonder how so many can give their minds away to it.

What’s more, when you begin to study the mythologies of other, ancient cultures, you begin to find numerous, compelling similarities, and to realize that the more modern faiths are simply retellings of the most ancient myths and legends. In my mind, there is something fundamentally flawed with ALL of the world’s religions.

Christianity would have us believe in an angry, jealous, judgmental, all powerful, loving god that: demands worship, keeps a running tally on everything you do, contradicts itself, and will punish you to the end of time simply for exercising your right to question its nonsense! But although this god-man in the sky will damn you to torment for all of eternity, simply for questioning, or not believing or worshipping a certain way, he loves you! What an asshole this Christian god is eh?

There are so many reasons why I reject the Christian faith, and all religions, but simply, I reject Christianity because it is completely illogical, nonsensical, hypocritical, superstitious myth, and has no place for an enlightened humanity. Merely studying the history of the Christian church, with its grotesque torture, its vast intolerance and hypocrisy, and even today, with the rampant Catholic sexual abuse of young children, It’s amazing to me that so many still blindly accept this crap, and give their lives away to it. Christianity, and religion in general, is a retirement home for the mind. It is a morass of nonsense, promulgated through fear. It is a spiritual prison.

My religious philosophy is simple: live to do the most good, and the least evil. I need no bibles, priests, prophets, saints, cardinals, and especially no non-existent crucified saviors to rescue me by demanding conformity. If humanity is to evolve than it is time to let the source of our greatest fears and superstitions fall into the dust where it belongs…Religion.

I’d like to add also that I normally wouldn’t bother contributing this to a website; however, I found the ex-Christian site to be very informative, thorough, and also quite humorous. It’s a wonderful effort, and I’d be honored to contribute to it even in this small way. I’d also be willing to share my work with folks who would be interested in the mythological aspects of Christianity. An interest is all that is required, and I’ll gladly offer information to help remedy the poison of Christianity…

City: Utica

State: New York

Country: USA

Became a Christian: 9 years old

Ceased being a Christian: 29 years old

Labels before: Catholic/born again

Labels now: Deist, or someone that considers himself spiritual, but rejects all forms of religion

Why I joined: Programmed into the dogma from childhood

Why I left: I woke up and realized the fallacy for what it was

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