Cradle "Catholic-Christain"

sent in by Kc

I was born into a catholic family. To label me correctly I'm a "Cradle Catholic." I was young and I had no idea what I was put into but I was told it was all true and there was no denying it. And no one ever questioned it because they "believed." But I questioned. Nothing added up. There were so many obvious things that were screwed up out there that have been proved that were not in the Bible. And the dimwits decided that these questionable things were untrue when the proof was right in front of them. They believed this lie so much that they went to spirit seminars and without realizing it faked reactions to "spiritual songs/psalms" and other stuff. Oblivious to anything that might be out of whack in their perfect little world because they like it even if it is a lie. I'm 15. Too young? Age never matters when it comes to belief. Look at Muslims or any other religion their converted young as I deconverted young. Don't believe the lies and think for yourself.

City: Middletown

State: Ohio

Country: USA

Became a Christian: Before I was born

Ceased being a Christian: 14

Labels before: Catholic

Labels now: Agnostic/aetheist

Why I joined: Because I was forced to.

Why I left: Because it's a load of sh*t

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