What a time to lose faith, in the middle of Bible college!

sent in by Tom

I have always put the issue of eternal damnation on the back burner of my faith. Going more with the feeling that Christianity gave me and not worrying about such as issues as hell or where Cain's wife came from.

But now I have to ask: What purpose would eternal damnation serve? The human mind can't even comprehend the concept of something never ending. Yet we're to believe that anyone who spends there life (even if it was only a few decades) not believing in a God that never proves his own existence will spend an ETERNITY IN HELL! What the f*ck ever! This is such bullshit. Hell is a neanderthal idea thought up by a neanderthal culture that believed in superstition and fairy tales!

If my soul is truly in danger of eternal damnation and I need to be saved...and if God truly loves me as much as the Bible says he does...wouldn't he make himself obvious to me? Wouldn't he show up at my door one day, sit me down and prove himself to me by perfoming some miracles? Warn me himself of the dangers of sin and the absolute need for repentence. (the mormons don't perform miracles for me) Isn't that what a loving, concerned Father who sent his son to die for us would do? But no, were just suppose to have faith and wait till we feel all warm and tingly inside and use that as the basis of our belief.

If God is God, then why would he ever need to come to earth in the form of a man in order to know what it is to be tempted? He's God...wouldn't he know what we go through? Why would God need to send Jesus to break the power of sin over our lives? He's God...can't he do it from where he is? If the power of the holy spirit is at work in the hearts of believers...then why do believers have just as much of a hard time overcoming 'sin' as non-believers and live lives that are just as immoral?

I do believe in God...and I hope Jesus does exist in some form because somebody needs to save this messed up world. But I don't believe for a moment the Bible is the word of God.

I believeChristianity is an experience. I will probably still attend Church (at least in the short term). I don't believe that the Bible is completely without use...there are some good teachings in it and inspirational passages. And believing in some form still provides me with a sense of peace and direction.

I'm in my first semester of my first year of Bible college, I'm glad I'm going through this now and not 3 years into my diploma. I will finish off this semester, but will likely not return for the winter.

City: Calgary

State: Alberta

Country: Canada

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