I still am bitter

sent in by Roger

I had been a somewhat faithful member of the United Church of Canada for a number of years. I attended Youth Groups, went to church every Sunday, and I even became confirmed in the Church, to please my parents.

Though, once I became confirmed, I started to study the Bible a little bit. I had absorbed a great deal of information from all of the sermons I had sat through, and I noticed contradictions in the Bible. I had also noticed that people call themselves Christians, but they don't follow the Ten Commandments or treat other people with respect. But they go to church every Sunday...and of course, that makes things all better.

One of the big reasons that I left Christianity was the fact that they it is anti-gay (look at Lev. 18:22 and 1 Corinth. 6:8-10) being a gay person, this affected me greatly.

I stopped attending church and started looking around for another religion. I read about Wicca for a while, but it didn't seem to suit me. I guess I was trying to be rebellious. My parents thought that Wiccans worshipped the devil.

For a while, I was religion-less, but then, I took a World Religions course in school. It was the most amazing course! I learned so much. It gave me an overview of all the religions in the world. There were some really devout Christians in that class and we had fun asking them about the many, many problems in Christian theology. Of course, like most Christians, they were not able to answer them. Anyways, I really enjoyed the Hindu, Buddhist and Islam units. I couldn't be a Hindu, since I wasn't born one, and I couldn't be a Muslim, because I didn't believe in God. So, I decided on Buddhism. I immersed myself in books about the topic and fell in love with the religion. I found a sangha (a Buddhist community) in my city and I'm learning a lot from my teacher.

I still am bitter towards Christians. I enjoy giving them a hard time, even though I shouldn't be mean to people. My plan is to read the Bible so I can have better arguments with them, and hopefully win.

State: Ontario

Country: Canada

Became a Christian: At the time of baptism

Ceased being a Christian: 14

Labels before: Member of the United Church of Canada

Labels now: Buddhist

Why I joined: I had no choice

Why I left: Hypocrisy, unfair treatment of other religions and lifestyle.

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