My confession of freethought

by Angie

The pansy, symbol of freethought.The pansy, a symbol of Freethought — via Wikipedia

My mother, gotta love her, but recently the 'christian' emails from her have been driving me insane. She has sent lots of stuff over the years but it seems to be heating up right now. She sent me the old Laminin email a couple days ago and I sent her back the articles on it. No return answer.

She just sent me this...
Subject: Take a look at this

I wrote back:
What are you expecting for me to get out of this website because I don't buy that 'all' the founding fathers were Christian. In fact I have studied this topic very well and know many of them were free thinkers and atheist.

I know you mean well but you can keep all your Christian based emails and websites to yourself or send them to actual christians that will get a hoot out of them. They do nothing for me now days since I don't buy into the myths anymore. I have studied many hours on the bible, history of the bible, the history of how religion evolved and everything in between. I have come to the conclusion that organized religion is not for me or my family. That free thinking and knowledge is the key to life. We are free thinking atheist/agnostics now and have chosen this path after much study, debate and soul searching.

Again, I know you mean well.


I have never confessed to my family that I even lean atheist/agnostic. I'm sure I'll have bible thumpers on my door step by tomorrow. I just snapped and knee jerked that email off to her. I want to be proud and not fearful of who I am anymore and I thought a few encouraging words from my favorite website and folks might help.

I am an EX-COC Preachers (who molested me in my early teens) Kid who is FREE INDEED! And with the power of 'study to show thyself approved', I do feel really good about calling myself an Atheist. I don't fear much anymore but I do fear angry christians and my mother!

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