I've missed out on so much, and I'm angry

Sent in by Brooke

So my dad's wife is unfortunately one of those Christians who adamantly deny every shred of evidence against Christianity or any favorable information about other religions. She would likely ignore the fact that Paganism doesn't involve demons and witchcraft, and that Satanists don't actually believe in Satan (let alone worship him)... because it would completely contradict her entire worldview.

She would instead take pains to explain why YOU are wrong, citing the negative spiritual feelings she gets from those religions and how God "told her" during prayer that they were evil and demonic. She actually thinks that my seizures were caused by demons, and even appears to believe that the only reason why my medication is working is because I'm mentally making it work and therefore driving the demons out of my brain with the medicine's placebo effect. She didn't actually say that, but I wouldn't be surprised if that's the explanation she thought up in response to Lamictal's success.

It's the logical rationalization to satisfy her cognitive dissonance caused by the idea of spiritual forces being conquered with science instead of her oft-suggested prayer and fasting that kept me putting off going to a neurologist back when I was a demon-fighting fundie myself. Her words were like gospel back when I was younger and still believed her, because I was easily impressed by spiritual things and explanations. Now I'm just disgusted.

I can't believe how physically debilitated I let myself become, all because I was naive enough to believe her. I could have had a normal teenage existence, free of seizures, if I hadn't fallen for the demonic oppression myth. I'm 22 now; I have my license and I'm in college. But there's so much I missed out on. And I'm angry.

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